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What simple life hacks should everyone know?

August 19, 2020 Reddit Thread

by Jack

Reddit can be a fantastic source for authentic information and reviews. Sometimes the site even posts some incredibly valuable threads which invoke thoughtful discussion by many. One of those threads happened yesterday when someone asked Reddit, “What simple life hack should everyone know?” Most of the answers were awesome and some were hilarious. To help remember the best ones I thought I’d make a post compiling them.


(In no particular order):


Buy anything you need in your kitchen from a restaurant supply store. Here is one example (via u/FenwayFranks)


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“If there’s a jar or container you can’t open, run the lid under hot water for 30 sec. Dry it so you can get a good grip, then open. Never had this not work.” (via u/zanoske00)


– “If you put something down temporarily, say out loud “I’ve put the screwdriver by the microwave” or whatever. This engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centres) which creates a richer memory making it less likely you’ll forget where you put it.” (via u/MakesTypos)


– “Not necessarily a “hack” per se, but learn some basic knife skills, the amount of time you will save chopping vegetables a few times a week (minimum) for the rest of your life far outweighs the amount of time it takes to learn, plus you can use the extra time to keep the kitchen clean and that makes everything less stressful while you’re cooking and makes the cleanup faster as well” (via u/OneWholePirate)


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– “When going to a website, just type the actual name of the website such as “TheJOAT” and then press “Ctrl Enter”. This will automatically add the https, .com, etc.” (via u/jrmsp2)


JOAT note: One other keyboard trick. If you are browsing within a webpage and want to get to the search bar without having to use your mouse, hit “Ctrl L”


– “Sometimes changing your pillowcase daily can help with acne. I use a clean t-shirt over my pillow to accomplish the same effect.” (via u/lunalovegoop)


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– “If you have a spare minute or are just playing video games or on a computer at home, take a few minutes to just pet your dog/ cat and really appreciate them. A phrase I heard somewhere just really stuck with me: Pets are only a part of your life but you are your pet’s entire life.” (via u/Amanda30697)


– “When moving houses, always set up your bedroom/ make the bed first so when your exhausted and just had enough you can fall into bed. Nothing worse than being exhausted and having to make the bed before getting into it.” (via u/VLC31)


– “If you accidently have caps lock on, instead of deleting it and starting over, you can highlight the caps and hit shift & F3 to switch it back to lowercase.” (via u/Glitch_in_the_pink)


JOAT note: This is so clutch. It works for almost all Microsoft suite products so if you need to un-capitalize a paragraph, copy and paste it into Word first, hit shift + F3 and then copy it back into whatever you are using


– “Eat Cheetos with chopsticks.” (via u/Primarch459)


– “If you throw a house party where you, as the host, plan on getting quite drunk. Start the clean up while drunk. Trust me, waking up to a clean house when you’re hung over is fantastic. Drunk you will barely remember and sober you has so much less to worry about in the morning.” (via u/sunshinejack23)


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– “Best way to be healthy is to get the correct amount of sleep. Don’t go on a strict diet but learn to portion properly and make sure you have a variety of food. Then be active. First two are more important than the last.” (via u/DinosAteSherbert)


“Pay your bills when they arrive, not when they’re due. Banks, credit card companies, mortgage lenders, utility services, etc. absolutely love, love, love it when people wait until the last minute to pay their bills.” (via u/gogojack)


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– “When you’re in a group of people and they start laughing, see who looks at each other. People [oftentimes] look at the people they feel closest to when laughing.” (via u/LexiPietenpol)


– “Hanging picture frames: Put painter’s tape from edge to edge on the top side of the frame. Trace where the hangers are. Peel the tape off, then stick it to the wall where you want your frame hung. Tap your nails into the premarked spots, then remove the tape and hang your frame” (u/holmangirl)


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– “Glue a tiny mirror over the picture of you on your driver’s license so when you hand it to the police, they get confused and arrest themselves instead.” (via u/Binmehdi)


– “Regularly change the oil in your car. On time. Do it. Will help it last longer.” (via u/centaur_unicorn23)


“Airfryers make any left over food taste amazing” (via u/Appa2)

– Use parchment paper when you cook or bake almost anything in the oven or air fryer. Food almost never sticks! (via u/Jack)


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– “If you accidentally close your browser tab hit ctrl + shift + T to bring it back. If you closed multiple ones just keep pressing it.” (via u/Avalon44)


– “Tell the people you love that you love them, more often.” (via u/Rab1227_)


JOAT note: Obviously we had to end this on a cliche and positive note. We love all of our readers. Thank you for your support!