Best Candles (Value)

As of August 2020


You should almost never pay full price for these. These can be found for roughly $10/each most of the time either during one of Bath & Body Works frequent sales or through a promo code. Check out your local store too since they sometimes run promos not available online


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A lower cost, everyday candle. For our favorite designer candle, click here
  • Strong, but not overpowering fragrances
  • Wide variety of scents
  • 14.5oz. each means these will last long
  • 3 wick candle allows it to burn evenly and efficiently
  • Frequent sales allow you to buy these for under $10/each

keep in mind

  • There’s a reason these are so popular. They’re perfect. Just make sure you stock up when they are on sale, otherwise they are not quite “value” worthy


While Jill loves burning luxury candles (click here for our top pick), I get stressed lighting a super expensive, hard to find candle. It’s literally watching/smelling you light your money on fire. Obviously, the scent and experience makes it worthwhile, but i always prefer to burn candles which I don’t feel guilty about lighting and which I don’t care if I leave on for too long.


The solution? Bath & Body Works’ Three Wick Candle.


You have probably seen these or owned one in the past. They are incredibly popular and one of Bath & Body Works best sellers and there are many reasons for that. First off, the variety and sheer number of scents available is awesome and borderline overwhelming. The three wicks allow for smooth and efficient burning. The near 15oz. size means these will last for weeks of consistent use. Finally, Bath & Body Works runs frequent sales/promo codes which allows you to buy these for under $10. This is a no brainer

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What are the best scents?

For guys, Mahogany Teakwood is great. It smells like a men’s cologne.


Eucalyptus Mint is a nice, universal scent which anyone can use.


Write to us with your favorites and we will try them!


Do you guys have any promo codes or coupons?

Anytime we receive a personalized promo code we will list them in the Buyer’s Guide under the photos. Make sure you have Honey and Wikibuy installed regardless

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