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As of January 2021


There are a variety of ways to get the app at a discount. First off, Calm offers a free 1-week trial if you want to test out all of the features before committing.


American Express cardholders were awarded a free-year of Calm Premium in 2020. We are checking to see if the promotion will continue into 2021.


They also sometimes offer a lifetime subscription to Calm Premium at 60% off. Something to consider if you think you’ll be a multi-year user of the service.


Otherwise it will cost $70/year which is still well #worthit.


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A guided meditation app to help manage anxiety and sleep issues
  • Head of Mindfulness, Tamara Levitt, has one of the most soothing and gentlest voices you will hear. Her “Daily Calm” session is fantastic and makes it much easier to consistently listen and buy into the instruction
  • Well designed/organized app with a variety of options to deal with most emotions/activities/obstacles you are likely to encounter
  • Thoughtfully executed celebrity cameos from the likes of Lebron James, Matthew Mcconaughey, Sam Smith and others
  • Amazing catalog of sleep melodies/sounds which you can listen to while wearing these headphones at night
  • An awesome daily check-in calendar which lets you assign an emoji for how you are feeling each day

keep in mind

  • Headspace does offer a little more of a simplistic/animated design which is likely more conducive and easier to use for kids


The concept of meditation as an adult is similar to being told “to eat your greens” when you were a kid: deep down you know it’s probably right but you don’t understand why and you’re most likely not going to stick with it yourself. I often say that people cannot really ever say they’ve hit rock bottom until they’ve embraced and understood meditation because (and this is going to sound a little dark) it’s the only thing left to turn to which can create balance. You realize material and chemical indulgences aren’t helping you and you have nowhere else to turn. So you turn inward.


It’s extremely cliché but we cannot always control things that happen to us but we can try to improve the way our mind reacts to things. Easier said than done, obviously. As nice as it would be to be able to meditate completely on our own, most of us need some help and guidance. While you can likely find good sources/teachers of meditation everywhere, for our purposes, when looking at phone apps, there are really only two logical choices: Headspace and Calm.


You really cannot go wrong either way and we applaud both companies for their missions. Headspace sports a more animated and simpler approach/design to their app with narrator Andy Puddicombe being the main voice on the platform. Calm, on the other hand, has more picturesque visuals combined with a variety of celebrity voices/songs/teachings. Calm’s Head of Meditation is Tamara Levitt who has one of the most soothing/caring voices you will hear.


I have paid for and used both premium versions exclusively for over a year each and the choice for me is clear: Calm’s design is brilliant and it is one of the best apps ever made. I prefer Tamara’s voice and look forward to sitting down and listening to her Daily Calms each morning. The meditation choices are plentiful and well organized so you can try to address the specific emotion/feeling you are dealing with. The sleep offerings are great and range from sleep stories to guided sleep meditations to sleep songs. The celebrity cameos are fantastic too including sleep stories by Matthew Mcconaughey, mental training by Lebron James and music by Sam Smith. Finally, I absolutely love the daily check-in option where you can assign an emoji to how you are feeling each day and track it. It’s absolutely worth downloading and doing the free trial to see if you feel the same connection to it that I do.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How does Calm compare to Headspace?

Both are fantastic apps but I personally prefer Tamara Levitt’s (Calm) voice over Andy Puddicombe’s (Headspace). I also love the celebrity meditations/stories/songs offered by Calm as well as the daily check-in feature. Headspace has a simpler format complete with more of an animated approach which is more conducive to younger meditators.


How long is Calm’s free trial?



What’s the normal price for a Calm subscription?

$70/yr but you can oftentimes find a number of promotions to get it for less. American Express was offering it for free for a year for cardholders in 2020 and we are checking to see if they are planning to renew that.

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You really cannot go wrong if you decide to go with Headspace. The design is even simpler than Calm and comes replete with a very fun animation catalog which can be more engaging for kids. I personally prefer Tamara Levitt’s voice to Andy’s but I love both of their methods. Worth trying both to see if this appeals to you more than Calm.

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