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As of January 2021


After Christmas, Club Monaco has 30-50% sales on items that often include this beanie. If you can time it, buy it in January and you can use it for the remaining of that winter and moving forward!


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what we like

  • Simple, classic
  • Neutral color will match every outfit you wear in the winter

keep in mind

  • Even though it’s not as thick as the traditional winter hat and looser fitting, it still leaves slight rib mark imprints on your forehead when you take it off
  • It can slide up a bit depending your hair and/or jacket, leaving a bit of your ears exposed to the cold


Let me start by saying I’m NOT a hat person. Doesn’t mean I don’t try to be cute with it – but hats usually don’t work for me. Living in the Northeast, though, you don’t really have a choice when it comes to winter gear. The Colleen cashmere hat by Club Monaco is one of the only simple, chic options out there that work for girls like me who can’t pull off every trend.


You want your winter hat to be warm but not dopey looking, and you certainly don’t want to spend too much money on it because it will inevitably get lost. Maybe even more than once per season. There are some equally chic beanies out there but they can run you upwards of $250 which is unnecessary for this type of accessory, in my opinion.


The Colleen comes in 2 basic colors – black and gray – and is therefore easily matched with your favorite winter coats. Or all of them, really.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Sizing – one size, which makes this easy!


Why do you wear this hat/beanie instead of the hood on your jacket?

Air still gets into hoods, and in colder temperatures, it’s not enough for just the hood of your jacket. The hat protects your ears/head better, and doesn’t get knocked off with the wind the way your jacket hood might.


What do you think of ear muffs?

I find ear muffs aren’t as stylish – they do the job well, but I find them a little childish looking personally.

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