Best Winter Gloves for Women

As of February 2020


Since Carolina Amato is a smaller designer, these gloves tend to sell out fast. But, you’ll find a few of these offseason on sale on Amazon, Shopbop, or eBay.


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what we like

  • Very warm without compromising style
  • Easily adjustable, going from mittens to fingerless

keep in mind

  • Not ideal in terms of typing on your phone – if your fingers are small, the thumb is an issue
  • Not waterproof


I hate having to compromise style for warmth in the winter so these gloves are perfect. The mix of leather and cashmere adds some flair as opposed to the standard black leather glove, and I find the look to be a little younger and more casual – not so dressy and stuffy.


Second to style, dexterity with winter gloves is of great importance. Living in the city, I realized that I need to be able to access my wallet (think subway card, Starbucks card) and phone frequently and quickly.. No New Yorker is going to wait for me – not without aggravation and expletives, that’s for sure! I need my warmth in the freezing temps on the line for the ferry at 6 AM, but I also need to be able to access my ticket without having to take them off and the whole shebang.


These gloves aren’t meant for winter sports or playing in the snow – don’t get it twisted. They’re not waterproof. But for your everyday warm, flexible gloves – they’re the best overall.

Sizing Tips & FAQs


They only come in 2 size options – S/M or L/XL – which makes it pretty easy to decide. Because they’re fingerless with the mitten overlay, you don’t want to have them be too big on you. I have THE tiniest hands & the S/M fits me pretty well.
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There are a million gloves/mittens you can find everywhere. I love these ones because I didn’t like the 100% leather or the 100% cashmere gloves. The 100% leather gloves are warm, but they are not at all stylish or chic – no matter which color you choose. Cashmere gloves are a lot cuter, but they aren’t as warm and tend to rip easily because they’re so delicate. A boutique I trust recommended the Carolina Amato ones to me, and I immediately fell in love.  These are definitely not mainstream/well-known, but you’ll notice they are always sold out when you get to the middle or end of winter. There’s a reason for that – #everydayphenomenal – and functional!

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