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As of May 2020


I waited over a year to get my Vuori’s, hoping they would come on sale… no dice. The only “deal” out there is signing up for Vuori’s email list, and you get a 25% off code towards your first purchase


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what we like

  • Perfect fit
  • Very soft and stretchy
  • You will want to live in these and grab them first every time you do laundry

keep in mind

  • Higher price point at $84 and never goes on sale


I don’t know about you, but I have not been the girl wearing makeup or getting dressed up while at home during COVID.  Instead, I have deployed a healthy rotation of every pair of joggers I have ever wanted to own and committed to finding the absolute best in this category.  Here’s what I look for in the perfect pair of joggers: comfortable and soft, pockets, stretchy but without a lot of extra fabric, and most importantly… a good fit that doesn’t look baggy.



I’ll be honest – I wasn’t expecting my favorite to be the D2C brands that are more expensive, but none of the basic ones (Target, Amazon) fit well.  All of those joggers are comfortable, have pockets, and are stretchy.  But, they have a lot of extra fabric that make them fit a lot more like sweatpants.  They are comfortable and great to wear around the house, but don’t make me look put together and I wouldn’t want to wear them outside of my house – even just to run errands.



Ultimately, my two favorite joggers are a close match-up between Vuori and Outdoor Voices.  Both fit well, are soft, have pockets, comfy enough to sleep in, and look great at home or as part of an athleisure look on the weekends or when traveling.  You can’t go wrong with either, but if I only had to buy one, I’d pick the Vuori because they are softer and have less fabric, which makes them a cleaner fit as compared to Outdoor Voices.  Outdoor Voices extra fabric tends to bunch at the knees or ankles, especially if you’re more petite, and the Vuori ones don’t have that extra fabric.  This doesn’t make Vuori tight or uncomfortable in any way – it just has a cleaner look and a perfect amount of stretch.  Simply put, the Vuori pants are more fashionable and functional, which explains why they are NEVER on sale and consistently sold out at Nordstrom.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What size should I buy?

The Vuori joggers fit great true to size – they are form fitting and yet soft/cozy enough to lounge around or sleep in overnight.


What should I pair with these joggers?

Anything!  T-shirts, pullovers, tanks.  These pants are versatile and go great with almost anything in your closet.


Can I wash and dry this with the rest of my laundry?

Absolutely. Just wash with cold water and do a gentle dry cycle. You should do that with most things in your closet anyways!

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Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants

As mentioned in our review, this is a very close second.  And, if you have the budget dollars, you won’t regret buying both.  Vuori edges out only because it has less fabric, and Outdoor Voices pants tend to bunch a little at the knees and ankles for petite women


Target Joggers

Great price point, especially compared to the Vuori and Outdoor Voices. These are also a bit thicker so I tend to wear these in the cooler months at home. I don’t wear these out because it has a much more relaxed/oversized look, but is a great lounge pair to wear at home. Plus – if you buy 1 of these and the Vuori, the average cost of your two joggers goes down! 🙂


Amazon Joggers 

How can you go wrong with $13 joggers and Prime Shipping?  Again – these are a great price point and will work well around the home, but I wouldn’t wear them out for the same reasons as stated above.  If you’re looking for a good pair of basics to wear at home and that can be ordered quickly and conveniently, these are a good option.


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