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As of January 2020


All retailers sell for $375, but it is being sold by Ferragamo on Amazon for $50 less… snag these ASAP before the price goes back up! Otherwise, buy the shoes at Bloomingdale’s when they are have a Power Points promotion so you get a $50 gift card for a future purchase. Plus, Bloomies has a very friendly return policy if your shoes wear and tear faster than they should


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what we like

  • Comfortable and stylish
  • High quality and will last a long time
  • Understated – no big logos
  • Foldable and comes with a carrying bag

keep in mind

  • It’s pricey and can be considered a lot of money for a pair of flats
  • Limited color options


How many times have you bought a pair of $50-$100 flats because they were a good price point, only to have blisters breaking them in and the shoes falling apart within a year?  It took me a good decade of this cycle to realize I should change my search criteria.


When you begin to look at designer flats, your options double.  Yet, the Ferragamo My Joy stands at a unique intersection between price value, and is one of the first #everydayphenomenal purchases I made.


The shoes feel like you are walking on clouds from day 1, and require no breaking in.  They are 100% lambskin leather and hand made in Italy.   They are soft from the first minute you wear it and mold to your feet over time.  The flats are versatile enough to wear from work to evening or even on vacation when you’re on your feet all day.  My flats have lasted me over 3 years and still look brand new, which makes it a great value purchase in the long-run.  One other benefit – they are foldable flats that come with a cute tiny shoe bag, allowing you to pack it in your tote without taking up much room!


Bottom line, the My Joy flats are comfortable, stylish, versatile, and last forever. They may seem like an initial splurge, but when you go a few seasons without needing to replace these, you will realize they are well worth it.

Sizing Tips & FAQs


Like most Italian shoes, I sized up a half size from my US size.

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Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Flats 

I’ve owned and worn many of the Tory flats over the years. They are comfortable, but definitely require breaking in compared to the Ferragamo’s. The leather isn’t soft, and walking for a long time always caused blisters on my feet. I also like that that Ferragamo doesn’t have a huge logo on the shoe and that it isn’t as prevalent as compared to the Tory Burch shoes.


Michael Kors Ballet Flats

Better price point – usually around $100 – as compared to the Ferragamo’s. Similar to the Tory Burch, I’m not a fan of the MK emblem on the shoes. These flats are cute, but also didn’t let me walk for miles without blisters in my toes.  These flats are also narrower than the Tory and Ferragamo, which pinched my toes


Chloe Scalloped Flats

These are truly one of my favorite flats! I got this as a gift and tend to wear these shoes to dress up my outfit, but on days where I know I won’t be walking a lot.  The Chloe’s have a lot more color options than the Ferragamos, but are more expensive.  While these are one of my favorite flats, if you are only going to splurge on one expensive pair, the Ferragamo is a better investment.  If you are in the market to buy two, these are a great second pair.

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