Best Everyday Leggings for Women

As of February 2020


These leggings are extremely popular  and tough (dare I say.. impossible) to find on sale on the website or in store. Your best bet is to look on Poshmark or eBay if you want this for anything other than full-price. That being said, I love these and think it’s definitely #worthit.


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: A universally flattering fit which hits above the ankle if you have longer legs and at the ankle for shorter legs
  • One of the softest leggings I’ve ever owned – Great for travel or wearing around the house
  • Comfortable in the waist and just high waisted enough

keep in mind

  • Although Lululemon is known for durable fabrics, these definitely pill over time, especially in the thigh gap region
  • I wouldn’t recommend these for a high intensity sweat sesh as they do NOT wick sweat, and you’ll be left with embarrassing nether region wet spots


You would think that a basic black legging would be easy to nail down given all the options out there. But it took a lot of trial and error for me to finally find a favorite – the Lululemon Align.


The softest, most comfortable everyday legging. I especially love them when I travel – very squished-in-an-airplane-seat friendly! They’re relatively seamless so you don’t have to worry about logos (the logo is on the back of the high waist, not on the leg) and weird pockets when coordinating a casual but more refined athleisure look. You can wear with your favorite tee or sweatshirt to run errands.


The material is very soft and thinner than the traditional Lulu legging, and not sweat-wicking. If you were to do an intense workout, you would likely be left with sweat stains in unfortunate sports. So, while I wouldn’t recommend actually working out in them, you could probably get away with a brisk walk or a light Pilates class!


Sizing Tips & FAQs

Sizing Tips

Definitely size down if you’re in between sizes – the tighter the fit, the more flattering the look, especially the high waistline that’s meant to be tight for cinching


How do you style these leggings?

These leggings are so versatile when it comes to styling – I can wear my APL running shoes with them to go for a walk, my Balenciaga sock trainers for a trendy errand look, or my Nike Huaraches for a sporty but non workout look.


When do you choose leggings vs joggers?

For me, this depends on what I’m wearing on top. For baggier sweatshirts and tees, Aligns are my go-to. But, If I’m going for a leisurely stroll, I’d choose joggers with a sports bra or sports cami top. So style-wise, it’s opposites – tight on top, joggers on the bottom. Or loose/baggy on top, Aligns on the bottom.


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