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Uppa Baby Vista Baby Stroller



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what we like

The ability to transition from 1 baby/toddler to 2 for growing families

Maximum undercarriage space, especially if you live in a city & need all hands on deck for things such as groceries

Easy set up & break down

All-in-one package including car seat (one less decision to have to make)

Comes in a variety of color options

keep in mind

The Uppa Baby name/logo all over the stroller

Not “pretty” or sleek in appearance

Everybody & their mother has it


Like with all the baby items that I looked into I didn’t really want to bother myself with doing the heavy lifting in terms of research & reviews. Instead I simply tallied the number of people who recommended one versus another in each category. And with strollers it was even easier because walking around NYC I got to see which the majority of parents were pushing around. The Vista was the clear favorite – to the point where my husband & I would joke about it & roll our eyes at it’s basic-ness. But it’s a basic staple because it truly delivers. The 2 main winning points with the Vista are the undercarriage space & the ability to transition it to a 2 baby/toddler stroller. My only gripe is the chic factor, or lack thereof – it’s not so chic. The silver rods with the logo words on it & the overall aesthetic didn’t strike my fancy, as vain as it sounds – it is a stroller, after all, and that’s not the focus. For durability & practicality at the same price point as its rival Bugaboo Fox, the Uppa Baby Vista is the top pick in this category.

Its rival, the Bugaboo Fox, is said to be the Mercedes Benz of strollers. And in its design & sleekness it certainly is. But with Bugaboo you get a much smaller undercarriage & if you do expand your family you don’t have the ability to convert to a 2 baby/toddler stroller.

One last thing to note that the Vista has & the Fox lacks is that the Vista comes in a package that includes the bassinet, regular seat AND car seat whereas the Fox requires you to purchase a separate car seat (and forces you to have to make yet another decision) – so again, more bang for your buck!

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