Best Kettlebells for Home Workouts

As of May 2020


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what we like

  • Well designed, technologically advanced weight adjustment mechanism
  • Intuitive to use
  • 12-42lbs weight options (in 6lbs increments) provide a nice range for different workouts
  • Wide range of pre-recorded workouts available on their website and app
  • Free app which also monitors your health stats
  • Reasonably priced at just over $200

keep in mind

  • Handle is pretty smooth which means the grip can still be a little bit slippery


Peloton was the obvious first choice everyone instinctively flocked to in order to replace their gym sessions in a post-COVID world, but the bike doesn’t replicate the benefits of a good strength training lifting workout.


It’s not exactly feasible for most people to have an entire dumbbell set at home and, as someone who owned the Bowflex SelecTech 552 Dumbbells for a number of years, I will say that those just are a little too bulky for me and not exactly ideal.


A friend recommended the JaxJox product to me and I can’t remember the last time I instantly ordered a new product so quickly. Seemed to fit the things I was looking for in a product to replace a typical gym session:


  • Wide enough weight range
  • Dynamic enough to do exercises which work every major muscle area
  • Compact size so it’s out of the way when not in use


The Kettlebell Connect addresses all three of those factors extremely well in a very cool, technologically savvy package. After months of daily use, the product still works seamlessly and the pre-recorded workouts are very helpful for those that have never worked out with kettlebells before.  If you’re struggling to find a good workout solution to replace your previous gym sessions, we highly recommend checking out JaxJox’s signature product to keep you tone and strong in this new work from home era.


Sizing Tips & FAQs

Do I need to buy 2 (1 for each arm)?

You really only need one. And in some cases, it’s actually more beneficial to only use one and work each side of the body separately. It builds better balance and core strength. Oftentimes, if you are using two weights, your dominant side will subconciously take on more responsibility than your weaker side resulting in an unequal workout.


What’s the weight range? Are there different sizes available?

The weight range is 12-42 lbs which you can shift through in 6lbs increments. There is only one size available at this time.


Do I have to charge it?

The base which it sits on has a built in charger. The charge by itself can last up to 14 hours.


Do they have workouts for you to do?

They don’t have live workouts like Peloton does but they do have a bunch of very good pre-recorded one which are available here.


Is there an app?

Yep. The Jax Jox app is a tracking app which also hosts a variety of pre-recorded workout videos. Available by clicking here.


Does it connect to Apple Health/Fitbit?

It does



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Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

Bowflex’s Kettlebell is similar to JaxJox’s product in purpose but is just a little more technologically behind. The weight only goes up to 40lbs (vs. 42lbs for the JaxJox) and it’s all manually shifted instead of electronic (maybe that’s more appealing to you). There’s no app connectivity or monitoring. The grip is also a little more slippery than JaxJox’s. If you are a palm sweater you might have difficulty holding onto the handle. Regardless, it’s great value at $150 and is a solid option should you want something a little simpler than the Kettlebell Connect.

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