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As of July 2020


Available everywhere – Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby. There’s a great Baby Bottle bundle for $60 that is a better value – would make a great baby shower gift or a good starter pack for yourself. I’ve linked it as my second link.


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what we like

  • 3 pieces – that’s it
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and long-lasting – mine have lasted me since my baby was just a few weeks old

keep in mind

  • Limited nipple sizes


Whether you’re pumping breastmilk or formula feeding, bottles are your life in the first year of baby. So it’s vital to have ones that don’t leak, don’t have a million parts, and clean easily without wearing.


I first tried the other 2 top contenders – Avent & Dr. Brown’s. The Avent bottles were leaky & the Dr. Brown’s bottles had too many tiny nooks & crannies to clean. The Dr. Brown’s bottles actually come with tiny bristle brushes to assist with the cleaning, but when you’re using the bottles all day every day and spend a ton of time cleaning them, it becomes too much of a hassle, as silly as that sounds.


The Comotomo bottles are soft & flexible and only have 3 pieces – the nipple, the ring that attaches the nipple to the bottle & the bottle itself. This makes cleaning very seamless. I just put 1-2 squirts of baby safe dishwashing liquid in the bottle with hot water & shake it vigorously, rinse, and then dry thoroughly. I don’t need to worry about missing any crevices & having milk residue/buildup in there anywhere. This also makes bottle sterilizers virtually unnecessary, if you don’t want another expense or another bulky item taking up counter space – especially if you live in an apartment!


I really wish I had tried these bottles from the get-go instead of futzing around with the other 2 wasting money and my precious newborn mom energy (or lack thereof)!!!

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Why don’t I need to sterilize the Comotomo bottles?

Because there aren’t so many parts/nooks and crannies to clean, so you’re not missing anything. It’s 3 easy big pieces that are easily washed thoroughly. The whole reason you sterilize baby bottles is to make sure they are fully clean and germ-free, and washing the Comotomo normally lets you clean them without having to go through a bunch of extra steps.


How long did you bottle feed your baby?

From 3 weeks and still going strong (my baby is a little over 1). Babies usually don’t come completely off the bottle until closer to 2. And I’ve had the same 2 sets this whole time – just changed out the nipples. So the Comotomo are long-lasting and durable


Anything else I should know?

The biggest thing with bottle feeding babies is the prep and cleaning that people can’t stand. The Baby Brezza takes care of the prep, and the Comotomo makes cleaning so easy. I have found both to make my life so much easier.


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Leaking was really my only issue with these, to be honest. They’re a decent second option, and have a lot more size options. But Comotomo is just so unbeatable. And it’s soft so if she drops them or we drop them, there’s no noise/breaking anything.


Dr Brown’s

There was some leaking with these too, but the cleaning was the worst part. So tedious, so many pieces. Plus, you have to use the little bristle brushes for the narrower diameter, which is an extra thing to buy. It’s just not worth it. By comparison, the Comotomo has a wide diameter so you can fit your hand in there to clean instead of using extra accessories.

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