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As of June 2020


You can sometimes find deals on these where they go close to $10/each, but $15 is still a very cheap and solid price for a T-Shirt which is durable and can hold up for years.


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: An every day, comfortable t-shirt to wear on its own or under a hoodie/button-down shirt
  • Best collar we have ever seen in an undershirt/t-shirt – never bacon necks and hugs the neck perfectly
  • Breathable and extremely comfortable cotton fabric
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Reasonably priced under $10
  • Great to wear at night to bed
  • Could even work out in these
  • No stink/no pit stains

keep in mind

  • These will shrink post wash – Particularly length wise which can render the shirts just a little too short if you size down for a tighter fit
  • Tricky sizing – The shrinking makes sizing a little tough to get right. Sizing down provides a nice, slim athletic cut but can become a little too short post-wash for taller body types. Sizing up maintains a looser fit with more reasonable length post-wash


It’s a little surprising how difficult it is to find a quality undershirt or go-to everyday cotton tee. I feel like I have been on a never ending search for decades. In addition to a handful of go-to workout shirts, it’s helpful to own a handful of cotton shirts which are comfortable enough to wear:

  1. On their own when you go out or around the house
  2. Underneath hoodies or button-down shirts
  3. At night when you sleep


The problem with most cotton undershirts is they either get the collar, fit or fabric completely wrong. You ideally want an undershirt which has:

  1. A tight (but not too tight) collar which stays consistent and never bacon necks
  2. Breathable cotton which is easy to care for and feels light in the heat
  3. Relatively inexpensive
  4. No pit stains or odor buildup
  5. Appropriate length in the arms and torso which doesn’t shrink too much


I spent decades of my life wearing those 3-packs of Polo Ralph Lauren undershirts you find at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. While they were serviceable, they always inevitably failed in at least 2 of the above 5 factors (namely in the collar). Ever since I have been trying virtually every undershirt I can get my hands on.


Uniqlo’s Supima Cotton Crewneck is the best I have seen among all the alternatives. I love wearing these at night to bed and underneath hoodies. It’s collar is perfect, the cotton is very comfortable for all weather, it’s under $15 and pit stains/odor are never an issue. The only thing that is keeping this from being a perfect shirt is the sizing and post-wash fit. These definitely shrink a little bit (call it like 10-15%) in the wash which can render the length too short in the torso if you buy your normal size. Sizing up addresses the length issue but leaves it feeling a little looser than I prefer in the chest and body. I still prefer sizing down and still consider this to be my favorite undershirt on the market but make sure you test out the sizing yourself to confirm before splurging on 4-5 of these.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Do these shrink in the dryer?

Yes they do. Anywhere from 10-15%.


So, should I size up?

This is a really tough question for these undershirts. I find that these do shrink in the dryer (anywhere from 10-15%) but I still prefer to buy my normal size (I’m a small in Lululemon so i buy a small in these). That makes them pretty short in the torso for me (I’m 6′ 1″) so I choose to only really wear these to bed or underneath hoodies/button-downs.

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Tommy John Second Skin Tee

These are promising but the neck is a little looser than I prefer and the cost is exorbitant at $55/each. I still keep mine that I bought but I much prefer Uniqlo’s Supima shirts.


Classic Polo Ralph Lauren Undershirts

These are the 3-packs you find at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. They’re totally fine but I often had issues with the collars and sometimes with the armpits.


American Apparel 50/50 Crewneck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Believe it or not, American Apparel is still around. Their cotton is still as soft as you remember it being but I sometimes find odor issues when I wear them. The fit and collar on these could also be better. The collar is pretty tight around the neck and a little too thick for my liking. Sizing normally in these shirts means they hug your body really tight.

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