Best Long Sleeve Workout Shirt for Men

As of January 2021


Always first check out Lulu’s We Made Too Much section to see if they have any deals on Metal Vent Tech items. Keep in mind these items are non-returnable. Otherwise, Lulu only runs one or two site-wide sales a year (Black Friday usually).


Another option is checking out eBay or Poshmark. You can sometimes snag brand new, with tags, Metal Vent Tech Lulu shirts for 50-60% of the cost of brand new.


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: An athletic cut but not extremely slim fitting sweat wicking long-sleeve shirt. Breathable and can look good on a wider range of active body types. For our top pick in short sleeve workout shirts click here
  • Anti-stink – In my opinion, this is the single strongest quality of these shirts. Lulu’s Silverescent technology gives them a distinct advantage over the field in creating a truly sweat wicking shirt which can tolerate a hard workout while also preventing bacteria build up which leads to odor. I have not found another shirt which replicates this performance wise
  • Wide variety of colors – While some of the colors/designs are eye sores, Lulu is constantly rotating color schemes and patterns throughout the seasons
  • Perfect length in the arms and torso – Lulu is very good about keeping sizing consistent. A medium shirt you bought from them 2 years ago will probably fit identical to a medium shirt you buy now. I’ve seen this shirt worn on a wide range of body types and it almost always looks solid
  • Long enough sleeves – I have super long arms and this is one of the few shirts that can hit my wrist and look good. For those with shorter arms, this long sleeve shirt is very easy to slide up the arm a little and stay there all day

keep in mind

  • Expensive – This really is at the upper limit of the range I would be willing to dish out for a workout shirt. But it’s worth it especially given that you will likely use it weekly for years
  • No staple colors – I really wish Lulu would take a cue from Allbirds and always keep a supply of “classic” colors while rotating limited edition versions. This way you could buy all the plain bold colors whenever you like. Instead they constantly change colors and patterns season by season
  • Can sag a bit overtime – Maybe it’s the lack of seams in much of their clothing, but longtime Lulu wearers might notice how a lot of their clothes tend to lose some of their initial crispness overtime. This is why it’s essential to make sure you nail the sizing so it hugs your body correctly


I wish I could sit here and give you a more hipster/contrarian pick, but (echoing everything we said in our pick for best short sleeve workout shirt), I cannot. Lulu still makes, by far, the best workout shirt for men in the long sleeve category as well.


Unlike a lot of people, we don’t blindly love everything Lulu makes and think there are better options out there in a lot of categories that Lulu is big in. However, their Metal Vent Tech series still dominates and is a major reason why that company has added tens of billions in market cap in recent years. It’s worth it to pay up for these.


Much like the short-sleeve shirts, we look for the following when it comes to an everyday long sleeve workout shirt:

  1. Wicks away sweat
  2. Fit your body nicely so you look good while working out
  3. Not smell if you’re wearing one over the course of the day
  4. Sleeves tight enough so they don’t drape off your body
  5. Sleeves long enough to hit your wrist and not look super bunched up if you roll them up


Nothing else we have found comes close to addressing all 5 factors in the way the Metal Vent Tech shirts do. Lulu’s Silverescent technology is one of a kind and is the best in the business at keeping odors at bay. If you get the sizing right, the form and fit of these shirts hug most body types correctly and allow for really comfortable workouts. They also last for a very long time. If you remain the same size, you can use these shirts for years. For $60-90, you won’t find a better option on the market which you can dress down for a sweaty workout or even dress up a little for a casual lunch/dinner. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How does sizing run?

True to size. Mostly in line with whatever you normally wear from Nike or Adidas. You can size down with these if you want a slimmer fit while still maintaining ample shoulder width and sleeve length. I’m 6′ 1″, 155lbs and a small fits me perfectly and is snug in the right places without feeling like I’m wearing a compression shirt


How do you wash these?

Machine wash cold and throw it in the dryer afterwards


Does it shrink?



Do the armpits smell after a sweaty workout?

No! This is hands down the best feature of this shirt. The reason your arm pits might start to smell funky in other polyester workout shirts you wear is because polyester is known to build up bacteria from sweat. Lulu has a proprietary advantage over the market with their Silverescent technology


I’ve heard Lulu shirts can snag and have holes in them? Is that true?

It happens sometimes. But Lulu is fantastic with its customer satisfaction policy. If you have a shirt with a hole or stitching issue in it, take it into a store and they should be able to address it for you.


How does Lulu compare to Rhone?

Rhone’s reign shirts are really the only legit competition out there to Lulu. As described below, Rhone is also very high quality but a bit less costly than Lulu’s clothes.  Their Reign shirt has a slightly thicker material/consistency than Lulu’s designs and actually harkens back to how Lulu’s initial Metal Vent shirts used to be before they really started to emphasize airflow and lightness. Rhone even feels a little softer to the touch. We still prefer Lulu overall but it’s close and we will continue to evaluate over the coming years.

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Rhone Reign Long Sleeve

This is really the only legit competitor here to Lulu in this category. I own one of these in white and I love it. It’s a slightly thicker material/consistency than Lulu’s designs and actually harkens back to how Lulu’s initial Metal Vent shirts used to be before they really started to emphasize airflow and lightness. If you want to have a bit more of a fuller feel, Rhone is a really solid choice and is a little cheaper than Lulu.

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