Best Athletic Socks for Women

As of February 2020


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what we like

  • Stay put ankle tab
  • Variety of colors
  • Bang for your buck


keep in mind

  • I’ve had a tough time thinking of this, really can’t think of any


It makes sense that the best athletic socks come from Asics, the gold standard running brand. I’m not an avid runner, but no matter the workout, these socks stay put. Prior to discovering these, I vividly remember being on the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp and having to stop every few minutes to jump to the sides to pull my socks up as they slipped off my ankles and into my sneakers. It was such an annoying interruption and distraction over and over again that the guy next to me stopped and asked if I was ok. I was mortified, as any basic betch in a hyped up NYC workout class would be.


I immediately went on the hunt for the perfect pair of athletic socks – ones that would stay put on my ankles to prevent blisters but also be low cut enough to not look dweeby. Because fashion first, duh! Priorities. I came across these on Amazon and haven’t worn anything else for my workouts in almost 10 years. They’re super soft to the point of feeling supportive, they come in a variety of colors, they have a tab to stay put on your ankles, and they’re only a little over $3 per pair.


They’re a win all around!

Sizing Tips & FAQs


Sizing comes from small to extra large, and I buy my true size. Asics also has a helpful size guide for their socks correlating to shoe sizes as well – click here.


How thick or thin are these socks?

The thickness of these socks is perfect for running shoes/gym sneakers. I would say medium.


Is there a grip on the bottom of these socks?

No grip, but the fabric at the bottom of the sock doesn’t let you slip, which is helpful if working out without shoes.

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Puma No Show Ankle Socks

These are classic and hold up better than any of the other big athletic brand name socks (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour). Each pair can last several years without tearing or stretching and can be as cheap as $1 from a local TJ Maxx or Marshalls. We give the Asics a slight nod over the Pumas because of the heel cushioning, support, and sizing consistency/availability.


Aritzia Fairview Ankle Sock

I loved the original version of these because they were thin, ankle length, and had the grip. I would use them for both, workouts and casually, which was convenient. But the newer version of these socks are too thick to work out in. The grip is still nice, especially if I strength train barefoot. It is more expensive than the Asics, and Aritzia has a tough return policy, especially if you don’t have a store in your city.

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