The Baby Brezza remains The JOAT pick after we evaluated the outstanding lawsuits against the company. Read the FAQ for more info, and email us if you have questions!

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Best Baby Formula Maker

As of July 2020


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what we like

  • Quick & efficient
  • Virtually no clean up
  • Works with almost all formula types

keep in mind

  • Cumbersome for travel – does not travel well
  • There are pending lawsuits of other customers saying the milk coming from Baby Brezza was diluted and didn’t give their babies enough nutrition. This didn’t happen to me or anyone I know who use the product, but I’d suggest being mindful of what the product looks like when dispensed, making sure it doesn’t appear to be diluted. I’d also be mindful of tracking your baby’s weight gain as you usually would!


Essentially a coffee-maker for formula, this is hands down the best baby gift I received. And I didn’t even register for it because I didn’t know it existed!


It cuts down the time it takes to make formula to a mere 10 seconds, no exaggeration. And it’s compatible with almost all formula – you simply choose the setting in the hand guide that goes with your choice of formula and the machine does all of the work.  This is the only set up required – from there, it’s just adjusting the desired number of ounces per use. No calculating, no boiling water, no mess.


There also is not much to clean up on a regular basis – there is a “clean” alarm that goes off after every four uses, but all you have to do is detach a piece, rinse it out, & pop it back on. When the water container is close to empty, the Baby Brezza will give off an alarm, and once you refill, it will notify you when the set desired temperature is reached again.


It’s certainly not cheap at around $200 based on the model you select but it’s definitely #WTH, especially if you don’t plan on exclusively breastfeeding.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Are there multiple models or is it just different colors?

There are 2 models – the Formula Pro and the Formula Pro Advanced. I have the Advanced and I don’t see why you wouldn’t just go big or go home. The Advanced offers 1oz increments instead of 2oz (both up to 10z) and works with almost all formula brands. The Advanced also offers 3 temperatures instead of 1, and the water tank is dishwasher safe whereas the regular is not.


Do you always use this when you give your baby formula?

100%. I travel with it. It’s that good that it’s worth the bulk.


How do I use the machine?

1. Make sure both the water tank and the formula powder tank are filled to the max line. 2. Read the manual to select the proper setting based on the brand of formula you are using. 3. Select a temperature – cold, warm or hot. 4. Select the number of ounces.  5. Press start & voila in under 10 seconds!


After 4 uses, it automatically prompts you to clean – meaning you take the dispenser piece off, rinse it off, and let it dry & pop it back on. And the water tank is dishwasher safe – I recommend cleaning that every day or every other day.


Should I buy any of the other Baby Brezza products or accessories that go with this machine?

No – I used Como Tomo bottles (reviewed as the best as well) and the sterilizers are not worth it. Baby Brezza does have a food processor for baby food that apparently works just as well as the formula maker, though.


Aren’t there pending lawsuits against the Baby Brezza?

Yes. There has been some bad press/buzz surrounding the Baby Brezza as of early 2020. In fact, there are some pending lawsuits from what I’ve read. As far as I can tell, the issue seems to be related to human error, which is what Baby Brezza is citing as their rebuttal. And I’d have to agree. The plaintiffs are claiming their infants were not getting proper nutrition as a result of a malfunction of the Baby Brezza, as the formula was more heavily diluted than it should have been. The company is saying if the machine is used and cleaned properly, there shouldn’t be any issues & that they’ve tested this extensively. In my opinion, it’s easy to tell the consistency/dilution of the formula as it’s being dispensed from the machine and within the bottle as well. So I would say the takeaway here is to read the manual carefully and be mindful of the contents dispensed, as well as check in on your infant’s weight gain. I’ve never experienced this issue or any other issues so I’m still a big fan!

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