Best Jeans for Men (Stretchy)

As of November 2019


Uniqlo offers free shipping over $99 and does do periodic sales throughout the year. Given that these are low priced and potentially subject to being discontinued at some point, we recommend not waiting and buying when ready.


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: A tailored, athletic fit through the leg/ankle in a stretchy fabric which is still comfortable and loose enough in the waist and groin
  • Stretchy material indistinguishable from sweatpants
  • Still look just like jeans
  • Cut is slim, breathable but comfortable (you can probably sleep in these)
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Belt loops if you wanted to wear it like traditional jeans
  • Drawstring inside the waistband if you did not want to use a belt
  • Waist area isn’t too tight like you find on many skinny jeans. Can easily fit stuff, like a wallet, keys and phone, in pockets

keep in mind

  • Only 4 different colors right now
  • Snug fit through the ankle so these may not work if you prefer a looser style through the leg
  • Sizing can be inconsistent so make sure you always try on the ones you buy and monitor to make sure it holds up well
  • No guarantee they always stay in stock as Uniqlo has pulled them before
  • Otherwise, they are perfect. This is a no brainer


No exaggeration: the EZY Jeans are the best jeans ever made. After wearing these for the better part of the last two years, I don’t even think I could go back to the old, stiff version of denim that we are all familiar with.


There are a few companies out there who have attempted to create something similar to the hybrid sweatpant/jeans model, but no one (that we have tried) has come close to doing it this well. They are a legitimately 50/50 mix of sweatpants and jeans. They have all the amazing comfort and feel of sweatpants with the look of traditional jeans. I wear them out to nice dinners and also on Sundays while sitting on the couch watching football.


There’s only four colors at the moment and in the past these did disappear from the Uniqlo website for awhile. With how well priced they are, we recommend buying a pair in as many colors as you like when ready. You’ll know what we are talking about when you try them on. Pair them with these boots for a really clean look.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How do you wash these?

You can machine wash these cold but I wouldn’t put them in the dryer. Just air dry them


Are they warm/wind resistance?

Yes! Love them in the winter


How skinny are they?

They’re pretty skinny through the calf/leg. They’re stretchy though. If you have big legs and/or you like a looser fit, these won’t work for you


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Lululemon ABC Pant Tech Canvas

Lulu technically doesn’t make a pair of jeans, by name, but their ABC Pants in heathered navy are basically denim looking. These pants are great and I use them whenever I want to wear jeans in warmer weather. Best of all, if you don’t want the tighter Skinny version you can buy them in Slim or Classic.

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