Best Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

As of January 2020


There are a lot of similar mats available online and at beauty stores. We like this one for the price point and that it’s on Amazon Prime, but if you find one somewhere else for cheaper or that is more convenient, pick it up!


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what we like

  • Reasonably priced
  • Cute color options
  • Suction cups in the back lets you stick the mat directly on your sink around the faucet
  • Easily folds so you can store it

keep in mind

  • Some of the bristles/textures can be hard on beauty blenders, so be careful not to overdo it


I know cleaning makeup brushes doesn’t rise to the top of anyone’s list, but this makeup brush cleaning mat certainly makes the process a lot more convenient.


Before using this mat, I always struggled with the best way to get product off of my brush efficiently. Putting my brush directly under running water helped, but I felt like it could be a quicker process if I could dab the brush against something.


This mat comes with a variety of textures you can use for different brush sizes, and has suction cups in the back so it sticks to your sink.  I suggest you clean in one of two ways:


  1. Pour makeup brush cleaner in a bowl. Dip the makeup brush in the makeup brush cleaner, and then dab it against one of the textures on the mat under gentle warm water
  2. Pour makeup brush cleaner directly onto the mat, and then dab the makeup brush under gentle warm water


It’s oddly very satisfying to see all of the color drench off your makeup brush and mat until the water is all clear.


After using the mat, I tend to stick it in the dishwasher in the top rack before storing it.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How often should I be washing my makeup brushes and blenders?

Dermatologists will tell you to clean your brushes once a week. We know that isn’t practical, so we suggest you do biweekly or once a month.


Is there a makeup brush cleaner you recommend?

Yes, this one!

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