Best No Show Socks for Women

As of March 2020


Should be about $2 a pair – whether you buy a 3 or 6 pack.


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what we like

  • Tight grip and will stay on your feet all day
  • Very low cut so you can’t see them under any shoe
  • Thin fabric
  • Reasonable price

keep in mind

Some color/size combinations rotate out of Prime shipping and end up with shipping fees and a higher item price. You just have to wait a few days and they usually come back down. I tend to add to my cart and keep it there until it is Prime eligible.


I live in the middle of the city where my work and most places I go are within a 2-4 block walk.  And there is nothing worse than waiting at an intersection and realizing half of your sock is now off your heel underneath your shoes or booties. Finding a good pair of no show socks became a mission for me, and I ordered these with a healthy level of skepticism when one of the bloggers I follow recommended these on Instagram.


First – I have no idea what Diabaolong is, and I was sure these would just be another pair of flimsy socks that I’d eventually throw away.  Second – I was almost convinced no show socks with heel grip was an oxymoron. And I’m so thrilled I was proven wrong.


Bottom line – There’s nothing complicated about these socks, but that is how they should be – they stay on your feet, are very low and don’t show regardless of the shape of your shoes, and are at a great price point.  They come in multiple color options, and I tend to buy whichever pack has a better price and is Prime eligible at the time. These have become a staple Amazon purchase for me as I slowly rid my sock drawer of everything else.

Sizing Tips & FAQs


The sizes correlate with women’s shoe sizes. Generally, I buy same size or go up one – they are pretty snug.

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I’m not going to waste your time linking all of the no show socks that failed me.  The only other one I’d recommend is the Stance No Show Socks. In the name of research, I went out twice wearing the Amazon socks on one foot and Stance on the other.  There was no difference. The Stance are a great alternative, but more expensive (3-4x the cost of the Amazon no brand ones) and frequently sold out in many sizes – so it can be difficult to find.

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