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As of January 2020


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what we like

  • Unbeatable price point
  • Natural, clean
  • Amazing results!

keep in mind

  • It’s definitely oily/greasy, so I don’t recommend it for daytime use or under makeup


The Ordinary is new to the skincare market, touting super affordable, vegan, clean beauty products. I’m always hesitant with anything extreme, like vegan in this instance, but given the price tag, I figured it was worth a shot.


Let me add that I was desperate to get rid of the dry, flakey patches on my nose that I tried EVERYTHING for. Dry brushing, overnight masks, oils, balms – to no avail. But this serum was, and is, my hero!!! I apply on clean skin right after my toner – half to a full dropper should do the trick, depending on your level of dryness. And then give it a few seconds before topping off with moisturizer and heading to bed.


As with any other skincare product, I gave it a solid week of consistent use, same routine & time every day, before deciding how I felt. After 7 days of nighttime application, my flakes started to disappear and even the blemishes that had formed from me picking at my flakes were faded as well.


I definitely get more use out of this in the cold months – I tend to use it nightly from November through February, and then just as needed the rest of the year.


This product will consistently remove dryness, is easy to use, and comes with the added benefit of being a clean product at an incredible price point. It is truly the first skincare product I have ever felt so strongly about. I’m shocked that they charge under $10 for a bottle – I feel like they’re being jipped!

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What is the best way to use this product?

Use on clean skin applying to affected area(s). Although the directions instruct application after other water-based products like moisturizer, I actually used this first underneath my other products, and it really did the trick.


What is squalane?

“SqualENE” is a compound naturally made by our skin – our oil glands make it to keep the skin’s outer layer moisturized.


“SqualANE” is a derivative of the natural version that’s more shelf-stable & therefore able to be made into skincare products.


How often do you use this?

Use daily for at least 7 days during the dry/cold months, and then as needed. This is not meant for daily use unless you have super dry skin on the reg

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The two other creams/moisturizers that are the closest are the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer and Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream.  While both of these are great moisturizers, they don’t really address or clear up actively dry or flaky patches.  I would recommend them as a heavier nighttime moisturizer overall, but not to address problematic dry skin.

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