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As of December 2020


The 90-day average price as of 12/21/2020 on Amazon is $14.29, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.


Amazon is your best bet here. You should be able to get this for under $15 but just don’t spend more than $20.


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A long, rechargeable electric lighter for reaching the wicks of deep candles
  • One of the cooler items you can show off to your guests when entertaining
  • Incredibly functional and never need to deal with matches or lighters again
  • Lithium ion battery charges quickly and lasts for hours
  • Easy to light a candle in windy weather
  • Child safety lock at the bottom provides an extra step to take before using
  • Comes in 5 colors

keep in mind

  • Does produce a higher pitched noise while in use which can be tough on some pets with sensitive hearing
  • Need to obviously get the electric current in direct contact with the wick otherwise it won’t light – definitely makes it a bit harder to light products


It’s funny how few people have even heard about electric lighters. Whenever I use one in front of guests, at least one of them immediately asks me for a link to the product. The reason they are so great is:


  • You never have to worry about lighting a match again
  • Burn risk is a lot lower
  • Rechargeable and better for the environment
  • Long shape makes it easier to reach deeper candles


There are hundreds of electric lighters available on Amazon right now with a wide variety of shapes and styles. Most common ones include: arc style, zippo/Bic style and this wand style lighter. All of them are going to function relatively the same performance wise (if we are being honest here: they are probably all designed in the same three Chinese factories). It’s mostly a matter of personal preference and price. This Leejie one has served me well over the years and is my daily go to for lighting our favorite candles. At under $20, it has the ideal shape for lighting candles and also comes with a lithium ion battery which lasts for hours. Makes it a great everyday item to make your life more efficient or a good stocking stuffer for a family member/friend.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Can you light cigarettes and smoke weed with this?

Lol, we know you all are wondering. You can


How does it charge?

Via USB (cord included). Can hook up to an outlet or a computer


How long does it last?

We haven’t done a precise burn test but it’s hours


Is it safe to have around children?

It has a child safety lock on the bottom of the wand which you have to flip on before you can use it. Makes it as safe as a lighter can be.

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