Best Winter Boots for Men

As of December 2019


Like the Tree Toppers, good luck finding any promos or coupons with Allbirds. Given that they are direct to consumer, have a passionate fan base and keep supply of colors low, they never have a reason to offer any further discounts. Shipping is free so buy when ready.


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what we like

  • Merino wool exterior and sole keeps feet warm and comfortable
  • Looks like they should easily get water stained, but a Puddle Guard technology they created prevents water from absorbing into the wool
  • Grooves on the rubber sole provide good enough traction for slippery surfaces
  • Not bulky. Profile is sleek enough to be worn with a good pair of pants/jeans without looking ridiculous
  • Free shipping and an amazing return policy

keep in mind

  • Laces are long and thick which means they can get untied easily. Definitely requires a double knot
  • Constantly running out of stock for different colors
  • Technically not supposed to be able to put these in the washing machine for cleaning


We promise we’re not pandering to the consensus here or getting paid by Allbirds themselves. We just really think their shoes are that much better than anything else out there right now.


For most of us, we look for the following 5 things when it comes to a good winter boot:

  1. Warm without being suffocating
  2. Water Resistant
  3. Comfortable
  4. Look good with any normal pair of pants
  5. Not too bulky or clunky


You’ll find plenty of products out there that address 1 and 2 but fail miserably when it comes to 3, 4 and 5. When the weather gets colder/wetter, it’s nice to have a protective boot option you can still wear to dinner with your favorite pair of jeans without sweating or looking like you’re going hiking.


That’s the beauty of Allbirds Mizzle Wool Runner Ups. The merino wool offers a warm shell which is super comfortable and soft. Looking at them, you would think they get dirty and wet easily but they come with a Puddle Guard technology which allows water to dribble off the wool. Plus all the materials are eco-friendly. We expect to be wearing these as our winter boot of choice for years to come.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What’s the return policy?

Allbirds has one of the most customer friendly return policy we have seen. Returns are free and can be done within 30 days, even if the shoes are worn.


What’s the difference between the Tree Toppers and the Runner Ups?

Tree Toppers are lighter and made out of eucalyptus tree fiber. Since the materials offer a cooling effect, it’s best for any non-winter weather climate and is our choice for Best Casual Boots. The Runner Ups are made of sheep’s wool.


How does sizing run?

True to size. I’m a 12 in Nike and a 12 in Allbirds.


How do you clean these?

Treatment for these is a little bit different than the Tree Topper. If they are a dirty mess Allbirds says you can stick the Mizzles in the washing machine on cold temperature but for spot cleaning dirt they recommend hand washing with warm weather and soap. Always be sure to remove the laces and insoles and put the shoes in a linen bag prior to putting in the washing machine. Never put these in the dryer. Let them air dry.


Do you wear socks with these?

I do. You probably could get away with not wearing socks but it’s a cold weather shoe anyways so you probably should be wearing socks.


What makes Allbirds so environmentally friendly?

Their Wool Runners are made of sheep wool. Sheep need regular haircuts which makes it a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Since 2016 they’ve claimed to have given approximately 45,000 sheep a much-needed haircut. Each pair of Allbirds laces is made from one post-consumer recycled water bottle. Finally, the Tree Toppers are made from a proprietary formula using eucalyptus trees.


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