Best Mid-Sized Umbrella

As of December 2020


The 90-day average price on Amazon as of 11/25/2020 is $19.20, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.


Anything under $20 is a great deal on this.


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A mid-sized umbrella under $20 which auto opens and is very durable
  • 48″ radius – Not golf sized level (60″+) but perfect for walking to and from the car and running errands
  • Nice foam handle which is comfortable to the touch
  • EXTREMELY durable – I’ve had mine for 5 years now
  • Smooth one button opening mechanism
  • Does very well in the wind

keep in mind

  • Lacks a handle loop to drape around your wrist for extra security
  • Only 48″ so it’s definitely smaller than a typical golf sized umbrella


There’s really only 4 things we need in an umbrella:

  1. Easy to open and store
  2. Durable enough to not fall apart
  3. Comfortable and light to carry
  4. Cheap enough so you don’t have a panic attack if you leave it somewhere


This Rainstoppers umbrella does all 4 jobs seamlessly. I’ve owned mine for over 5 years and it works as good as it did on day 1. The foam grip is really nice to the touch and allows you to obtain a solid grip on the handle. At under $25/each, buy 3 of these and leave one in the car, house and office so you’re always protected from the elements.

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Is there a loop around the handle for your wrist?

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