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As of July 2020


You really should not pay more than $4/bottle for these. The 90-day average price as of 11/14/2020 on Amazon is $15.71 for a 3 pack, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.


Ever since Covid started the 12oz bottles have been mostly out of stock on Amazon and basically everywhere. Worth checking out their Lavender and Rain Water scents as well.


For the meantime, check eBay or your local Whole Foods for supplies. Most likely, you’ll find availability in the 33oz. refill bottle which should suffice until stocks get repopulated again.


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what we like

  • Freshest smelling hand soap we have tried – mild and not overpowering
  • Sustainably made
  • Doesn’t dry out your hands – contains olive oil and aloe vera
  • No parabens or artificial colors
  • Nice, easy to use dispenser bottle which is recyclable and looks good on a countertop
  • Very reasonably priced

keep in mind

  • Not anti-bacterial
  • Quantities are limited in the 12.5oz. dispenser bottle


If you have historically been the type who has simply bought a random hand soap brand, like Dial, from Costco in bulk in recent years and are looking to up your game a little bit, you’ve come to the right place. The market for environmentally friendly/cool bottle design/millennial friendly hand soap has mostly become a two man race at this point with Mrs. Meyer’s and Method really gaining popularity over the past two decades. This Vox article does a really good job breaking down how we got here.


We are all obviously washing our hands a lot more these days. While Dial and Softsoap remain some of the most recognizable brands/bottles in the category, we personally prefer the overall feel and smell of both Method and Mrs. Meyer’s. This particular scent stands out in particular and has become our go-to after years of testing.


Verbena is a mild citrus-y smell and it first caught my attention years ago when I stayed at a nicer hotel which stocked the bathrooms with L’Occitane Verbena Liquid Soap. It’s an intoxicating fragrance and one of the most unique scents I have ever come across. I washed my hands as often as possible that weekend but needless to say, I was not about to start spending $24+ for a tiny 10-12oz. bottle at home.


Luckily I noticed that Mrs. Meyer’s produces their own Verbena bottle and the scent is close enough for my liking to L’Occitane’s version. You have probably seen this brand on the shelves if you have ever been to a Whole Foods. Mrs. Meyer’s is known for their sustainably made soaps, detergents and cleaners which only adds to our enthusiasm for this pick.


At ~$4 per 12.5oz. bottle this is an easy choice for us as an everyday hand soap. Your hands will feel fresh every time you use it and your guests will likely compliment you on your taste. If Verbena isn’t in stock, check out their Basil, Rain Water and Lavender scents which are also very solid. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How are the other Mrs. Meyer’s scents?

They’re all great. Verbena is our favorite but it’s worth checking out the others, especially Lavender and Rain Water.


Can I recycle the bottle?

Yes! Also, we would recommend just keeping the 12 oz. bottles and thereafter purchasing refill bottles to supply those.


Will this dry my hands out?

Not in our experience. A lot of other brands are a lot harsher with their scents. Mrs. Meyer’s blends uses essential oils and whatnot to produce a more soothing feel.

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L’Occitane Verbena Liquid Soap

If you’re trying to be bourgie or just want to buy someone a higher end gift, this L’Occitane soap is a nice choice. Its Verbena scent is certainly a bit better than Mrs. Meyer’s .


Dial | Softsoap

No explanation needed for these two. They are some of the biggest best sellers on the market and very low priced. If you are looking for a super basic daily hand soap these are worth checking out.



This is a close second pick for us behind Mrs. Meyer’s. The ingredients are high quality, bottle is very well designed and the price is great (pack of 6 should be under $20).


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