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As of September 2020


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: An effective whitening toothpaste with safe ingredients
  • Best whitening toothpaste that we have tried – It actually works to help restore whiteness to your teeth
  • Does not leave your teeth feeling sensitive
  • Natural and safe based around baking soda as the main ingredient – no sucralose either
  • My mouth feels noticeably cleaner all day when using this vs. typical brands
  • Bottle design is simple and lets you easily get the last bit out of each tube
  • Arm & Hammer guarantees each purchase – Just print out and submit this form if you are unhappy
  • #dirtcheap at under $3/tube

keep in mind

  • You will be thrown off by the taste at first – If you’ve been using traditional Crest/Colgate/Sensodyne gels your whole life, this will taste less sweet and a little saltier (You’ll likely end up preferring it longer-term, but the initial few days are weird)
  • You will be thrown off by the texture at first – It’s definitely grittier and not as smooth as typical gels


Most whitening toothpastes I have tried over the years never seemed to work that well. Some left my teeth feeling sensitive while others just didn’t seem to make any type of difference. On recommendation from my dentist, I decided to try this Arm & Hammer one years ago and I have not looked back.


The baking soda based blend creates an undeniably unique taste and texture. It certainly takes a few days to get used to after decades of using overly sweet Colgate/Crest gels. But once you turn the corner and adjust to the feeling, it starts to feel like how toothpaste should feel. You end each session feeling truly clean and like your teeth were actually improved a little bit. Within a few weeks I did notice generally whiter teeth as well. At under $3/tube, it also makes for one of the more cost efficient brands on the market. Check with your dentist first to see if this is compatible with your teeth and if so, we think you will be wondering why you didn’t find this sooner.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What are the ingredients?

Mainly sodium fluoride but it also contains sodium bicarbonate, PEG-8, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, PEG/PPG 116/66 copolymer, sodium carbonate peroxide, silica, sodium saccharin, flavor, water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium lauryl sulfate


Does it contain sugar or sucralose?



How long will it take me to notice a difference in my teeth?

I wouldn’t expect some life changing difference at any point, but within a few weeks (assuming you aren’t binge drinking coffee and wine all the time) you should start to see some improvements


Does Arm & Hammer do a money back guarantee?

Yes they do. Print out and submit this form after your purchase if you still aren’t satisfied. Just make sure you save the original carton

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For some reason, over the years, Sensodyne has managed to be marketed as the go-to recommendation by dentists. It’s solid and does the job well is almost double the price of Arm & Hammer and does not do as good of a job, in my opinion. The cap and bottle design always seemed to throw me off as well


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