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Lovevery Baby Plamat



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what we like

Multiple stimuli – toys, flashcards, sounds, colors, textures

Grows with baby

Detailed booklet explaining the many stages of baby development & which piece of the mat correlates to each stage

Transitions to a tee-pee for toddler years

keep in mind

The wooden structure frames (beams) the mobile items hang off of aren’t so baby friendly

Cleaning/washing the mat isn’t as easy as just tossing the whole thing into the washer/dryer – there are multiple pieces that have to be removed & then set up again


This is one of those baby items for which exists a TON of choices. The Lovevery trumps the rest because it’s so well thought out – every level of baby brain development is carefully considered AND explained in a detailed booklet that comes with it. It’s not just a simple mat with mobile items hanging from it but rather a ton of physical & mental stimuli for babies to grow with. And that’s one of the other key points – babies outgrow most of the playmats pretty quickly but with the Lovevery each item has a different use at each stage so it’s multifunctional, in essence. It can also be turned into a tee-pee for the toddler years.

When complete with all of its accessories, the cleaning & transportation of the mat aren’t super seamless. But you can still get away with a lot of stimulation and support for your baby with just the plain mat by itself, which isn’t the case for other playmats out there that rely on the mobiles and toys attached. The Lovevery’s actual mat on its own has different colors, textures and even sounds, plus a removable piece with a mirror and flashcards attached to it. The flashcards are also removable so you can use them sans mat.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How do I clean the mat?

Although the mat itself is technically machine washable, you have to remove certain pieces before throwing it in the wash & then reassemble after. Some pieces can only be wiped down – the wood beams, the mirror & the flashcards.

Is it portable?

Technically yes, as you can fold up the mat itself. But you would have to leave the wood beams/mobile that the toys hang off of at home.

How long will my baby be able to use it?

The developmental stages booklet goes from 0-12 months but you can actually use it as long as your baby wants/needs a playmat. It can also be turned into a tee-pee for the toddler years.

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