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As of June 2020


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what we like

  • Hookless – Plastic rings with slits in them ensure that you don’t need to buy separate shower hooks. Makes it easy to attach the curtain to the rod and slide it back and forth
  • Snap in liner – This is a game changer. Previously you would have to buy a separate curtain and liner and run both through the hook. This design has a built in liner which snaps in about 1/3rd from the top of the curtain. Makes it easy to remove and clean without having to take the entire curtain down
  • Mold resistant – Even though this is easy to clean, I have noticed that the snap in liner does a pretty good job preventing mold buildup
  • Creates better lighting – The top 1/3rd of the curtain is a little more transparent which allows light to easily filter into the shower area. Creates a less claustrophic experience

keep in mind

  • Only thing that can really be improved is the stitching. You will notice that the threading is a little loose in a few areas on the curtain itself which is typically a mark of less than ideal craftsmanship. It’s a shower curtain though…not a couch so it really doesn’t affect the performance and isn’t all that noticeable
  • $35 isn’t cheap for a shower curtain but it’s #worthit


If you’re blessed enough to already live in a home that only has showers with built in doors…congratulations…this is something you never have to worry about again. For the rest of us, we still need to find a way to efficiently hang something from that metal rod to keep the water in.


As someone who has rented apartments for the majority of my adult life and has gone through more shower curtains than any human should have to deal with, I can confidently say that there are two main things you absolutely need to make sure you have in a shower curtain:

  1. Make sure it’s hookless – Dealing with separate shower hooks sucks and is a huge pain. It’s like tying a shoe since you have to run each hook through both the shower curtain and the liner. Some hooks are open ended meaning they can easily fall off the rod and just be really annoying to deal with. Companies have since come out with curtains with plastic circles that have slits in them which means you never have to deal with hooks again
  2. Make sure it has built in liner – This is a game changer. A few companies have come out with this innovative solution where the liner snaps into the back of the curtain about 1/3rd down from the top. This way not only does the water stays in the tub without the need for a separate liner but also you can easily remove the liner by itself for really easy cleaning


I’ve had the Conbo Mio Hook Free Shower Curtain with Snap in Liner for over a year now and it is, by far, the best shower curtain I’ve owned. The hookless hanging system works very well and the snap in liner does a good job preventing mold buildup. Every few months I’ll simply snap off the liner, throw in the washer and it comes out as good as new. There are some stitching issues as you’ll see some loose threads here and there but it doesn’t affect the performance, quality and look of the curtain as a whole.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What are the dimensions?

Comes in two: 71″ x 74″ and 71″ x 84″. I own the 74″ one which should fit most standard tubs


How wide are the built-in hook holes?



Does it do a good job in preventing mold/mildew buildup?

Extremely well. One of the best I’ve seen at preventing buildup. Best part is you can just snap off the liner and pop it in the laundry machine at any point in time


How do you wash the liner?

I throw it in the laundry machine on cold. Obviously there’s no need to dry it. Just snap it back onto the curtain when it’s out

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