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As of January 2021


The 90-day average price as of 01/18/2021 on Amazon is $193.03, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.

Your best bet here is to start with eBay. You can get various colors of this for between $100-170 typically.


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A cordless hair clipper for home or professional haircuts
  • Amazing, sturdy metal design in more than 5 different colors
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery which holds a 2 hour charge
  • Ferrari designed motor which seamlessly cuts through hair
  • Five detent taper control (it has 5 notches) which makes giving fades super precise and easy
  • Comes with 8 different attachments

keep in mind

  • Price is the only real downside with this one – This will run you as much as 3-8x what solid Wahl or Andis clippers might cost. But, trust us, it’s #worthit
  • Hair does also tend to get stuck a little bit on the lever and on the sides – They include a good brush though which scoops it all out


There’s a good chance this is your favorite barber’s favorite clippers.


One of the few great things about COVID was the number of us which learned to cut our own hair. Haircut tutorials on YouTube and TikTok exploded in popularity by May 2020 as a matter of necessity. If you’re blessed enough to have a hair style/texture which is easily self-groom-able then I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to try to learn this skill for yourself. It’s a true game changer and I estimate it saves me 4-6 hours a month in travel/wait/cleanup time from previous bi-monthly barber trips.


I took the opportunity to test out a variety of the big brand names in the space. The two obvious ones are Wahl and Andis. Each of them have been in this business for decades and make dozens of very solid options depending on exactly what you’re looking for.  If you want to stop there and simply stick with one of those sub-$60 products, I would not fault you as it will likely last for years and get the the job done. Just make sure it checks the following boxes:

  1. Cordless – Having a cord becomes a real pain
  2. Lithium Ion battery – These will last longer and are more efficient
  3. Has a taper control lever on the side – Without one, fading hair will not be as precise


If you’re looking to go a step further and need something even more precise, smooth and amazing to operate then we highly recommend trying out the Babybliss Pro. Especially if you do a lot of fading. As the name suggests, it’s professional level craftmanship which is why it commands a premium price. Given how often you use it and how important a man’s hair is to his overall appearance, it’s easily worth the investment and pays for itself within a month or two.


The Babybliss Pro Metal FX Clippers come in a variety of bright colors/designs depending on how flashy you want to be. It has a lithium ion battery which lasts over 2 hours and a smooth and strong motor which is powered by Ferrari. The best part of all is the 5 notches on the side for the taper control lever. This allows you to get surgical with your fades and creates that crisp look that you otherwise can only get from the barbershop. This makes for an amazing gift for a friend of yourself.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What are some good self-haircut tutorials online?

There are so many. Just do a search for the type of haircut you want to give yourself and let YouTube’s algorithms do the work. Overall, we found Tips for Clips to be the most helpful/universal and especially this video.


Which attachments does this come with?

The comb attachments come in the following sizes: 1/16″ (#0.5), 1/8″ (#1), 3/16″ (#1.5), 1/4″ (#2), 3/8″ (#3), 1/2″ (#4), 5/8″ (#5) & 3/4″ (#6).


How long does the battery last?

2 hours


How does the Babybliss Pro compare to Wahl and Andis?

Wahl and Andis make cordless clippers that perform as well as the Babybliss Pro. However, the feel, motor and five setting lever of the Metal FX series make it superior overall.

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Related Products & Links

Andis Master Cordless Clipper

This is definitely on the same level as the BabyBliss Pro but it’s even more expensive.


Andis 73000 Envy

A much cheaper cordless option in the Andis line. It’s quite large to hold and you do not get the 5 notched adjustable taper lever that you get with the Babybliss Pro


Andis 66325 Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper/Trimmer Comber Kit

This is a great deal if you want a non-cordless combo of a clipper and a T-Line Trimmer. For close to $100 this gets you both. However, it’s not cordless and not as ergonomic. We’d rather own the Babybliss Pro and this T-Line Beard Trimmer instead.


Wahl Model 79300-1001

This is one of the best selling clippers on Amazon. It’s understandable at first why: it’s super cheap (under $40) and comes with every attachment/accessory you can think of as well as a carrying case. On top of that, the attachments are color coded and easy to use. The issue is that the motor isn’t as strong as many of the ones listed above and there isn’t any adjustable taper level at all making fading very difficult.


Wahl Professional 5-Star Barber Combo #880

This is comparable to the Andis 66325 series above: a solid non-cordless clipper/T-blade trimmer combo which will last forever


Wahl Magic Clip

Comparable to the Andis 73000. A solid cordless clipper just large to hold. It’s over $100 and at this price point I’d rather just go for the Babybliss Pro



Honestly, one of the wilder news stories of 2020 for me was the revelation that George Clooney has been cutting his own hair for decades using a Flowbee. In hindsight, it makes some sense given that he has the perfect haircut and texture which a Flowbee would work well on. But for 95% of the rest of us mortal men, I’d probably not recommend it.

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