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As of December 2019


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what we like

  • The most durable brush on the market
  • Unlike most badger brushes, this one rarely sheds bristles
  • Lathers well and easy to clean
  • Extremely low priced compared to the higher end and flimsy brushes on the market

keep in mind

  • Much stiffer than typical badger brushes and remains firm overtime. Takes awhile to get used to if you’re used to a softer badger brush
  • Cheap looking metal plastic handle
  • Slight boar smell after you first get it
  • Need to buy a good shave brush stand in order to dry it properly


If you shave daily there’s life before using a shave brush and life after using one. In general, shaving is an annoying chore, but using a good brush paired with a good shaving cream/soap really enhances the experience and makes it a little more enjoyable. You’ll undoubtedly get a closer shave as well with the brush bristles massaging and lifting up the facial hair which allows your blade to more easily cut each one down to the root.


If you are a long-time shave brush user, you’ll know that the three most important things in a shave brush are:

  1. Soft enough to feel good on your face
  2. Easy to grip and clean
  3. And most importantly, having bristles that do not fall off or shed


There are hundreds of shave brushes on the market, but if you’ve bought any you already know that you would happily compromise on #1 and #2 above to use a brush that is very strong in #3. I’ve bought close to 10 brushes over the years and while most were much softer than the Proraso brush, all of them started shedding within a few weeks.


The Proraso brush is stiff out of the box and feels like an actual paint brush. it’s made with natural boar bristles (as opposed to the more widely used  badger). It’ll soften a bit overtime but overall it stays very firm. If you are switching to it after using a typical badger brush you’ll likely be unpleasantly surprised at first.


However, after using the same Proraso brush for over three years at this point, this remains the best brush I have used precisely because of its consistency. It is the most durable brush on the market which makes it well worth compromising on softness in order to ensure the days of having stray bristles spread all over your face are few and far between. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What is your full morning shave routine?

  1. Rub pre-shave oil across entire face to loosen up facial hair
  2. Wet shave brush 
  3. Lather shave brush with shave soap in bowl and spread across face
  4. Shave using razor
  5. Wash face using facial cleanser
  6. Apply after-shave
  7. Apply post-shave moisturizing balm


Do the bristles fall out/shedding?

This brush has the least amount of shedding we have seen out of any brush we have tried. That’s 90% of the reason we have it ranked as our best. Others are much softer but this one is the most durable. I notice a bristle falling out maybe once every 2-3 weeks.

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