Best Sunglasses for Men

As of June 2020


Always start with eBay on this one since you can find deals on these for as little as $50 or $60. Check the feedback and reviews of the seller to make sure you are buying a solid product. I’ve never had any issues with the pairs I have purchased from eBay.


Otherwise, buying on Amazon or from Ray-Ban directly will easily cost you over $100.


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what we like

  • Classic design which has been in style for decades
  • The one frame shape which consistently looks good on the widest array of face shapes
  • Durable
  • Decent variety of colors
  • Comfortable to wear for extended stretches of time
  • Ray Ban logo in top left corner is always a good touch and never goes out of style
  • Available in 3 different sizes (55, 58 and 62mm)

keep in mind

  • The 55 and 62mm are a little more difficult to find. The default 58mm is the one which you will most commonly find in most listings


Sunglasses are tricky since all of our head shapes differ so drastically. I think I look awkward in the majority of sunglass shapes out there. However. of all the different frames, this is the classic design which I have noticed looks good on the widest variety of people. That’s probably why it’s been around forever and hasn’t ever really gone out of style.


All you really need in a good pair of sunglasses is one that can be:

  1. Worn for basically any occasion (running errands, brunch, golf)
  2. Durable enough in case you drop them
  3. Inexpensive enough to not stress out if you happen to leave them somewhere
  4. Comfortable to be worn for hours at a time


While many companies have mimicked the aviator shape of Ray Bans and likely sell them for cheaper, we still think the brand name carries significant value and quality and is worth paying up for. It’s worth giving eBay a look before buying from Amazon or Ray-Ban directly. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Should I buy polarized or non-polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses help to minimize glare and offer better protection from UV rays. However, they make it harder to look at phones and other devices in your car and whatnot. So it depends on where you expect to use them the most. If you’re using them while you are predominantly doing outdoor activities in the beating sun, it’s worth buying polarized. But if you’re using them more for the fashion and to wear while running errands, driving or grabbing brunch, buying a regular pair is probably the better play.

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Rayban.com – Design Your Own Aviators

If you really want to add a personal touch for yourself or in a gift for others, the Ray Ban website offers a Nike like, design your own, option. For under $200 you can get the exact shape and colors you want within a few weeks.

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