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As of January 2021


There are more options on Mary Meyer’s website, but you have to pay for shipping. Amazon has 10-15 animal options at any time and has free prime shipping. I typically pay $45-55 and buy with free shipping on Amazon.

The 90-day average price as of 8/31/2020 on Amazon is $49.19, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.


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what we like

  • Incredibly soft and luxurious
  • High quality item that the baby can use for a long time
  • A ton of options – our favorites are the owl, grey elephant, puppy, and lamb

keep in mind

  • $50 price point can be expensive. We think the quality justifies the price and is the best gift option for this price point versus clothes or toys that the baby quickly outgrows


The Mary Meyer Baby Mat has become one of my staple baby shower/meet the baby gifts.  I have probably gifted over a dozen over the last few years to all of the nieces, nephews, and friends’ babies in my life.  It’s a high quality item that is typically not on a baby shower list, is incredibly soft and adorable, and something I’ve seen parents use consistently – more than they would a onesie or outfit.


The Baby Mat is great for newborns to lay on and even use for tummy time as they get older.  It’s extremely soft and your biggest issue may be making sure your pet doesn’t try to claim it as theirs!  The Mat folds easily so you can store if necessary, and also has a loop on the top for you to hang on a hook. You can also easily move it from room to room, and can also serve as a great backdrop for baby progress pictures for their 1-2-3 month milestones!


The Mat is washing machine safe – just follow these adorable instructions posted on Mary Meyers’ site.


For bonus points, pair the animal Baby Mat with the matching animal or our favorite newborn book to win big aunty/uncle/friend points.

Related Products & Links

There are a lot of similar products available on Amazon and in stores at varying price points, starting from $25.  I find many fo them are not as soft/high quality as the Mary Meyer.  Also, some of the lower priced ones don’t look as cute in terms of the animal face.  If this is not within your budget, I’d advise one or two of our favorite newborn books as a gift instead!

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