Best Slip-On Boat Shoes for Men

As of January 2020


Buy from the Rivieras World website directly, trust us. It has by far the widest selection for the lowest prices with reasonable and fast shipping (10 EUR). You can use PayPal to checkout. If you have a good travel credit card with no foreign transaction fees, you should opt to have the currency conversion done by your credit card. If not, PayPal will do a conversion for you, albeit at a much more unfavorable rate.


Amazon carries a fairly weak selection as do most local retailers. Shopstyle has the most comprehensive list of local options if you want to start there.


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: A good leisure shoe to show off some ankle cleavage (ie can be worn without socks or with no show socks)
  • By far some of the sleekest and most notable color/design combinations you will find in a slip on shoe
  • Can be worn with pants or shorts
  • Particularly at this price level where almost any of their shoes can be purchased under $100 USD
  • Comfortable (once you figure out your right size) and breathable
  • Can use PayPal to seamlessly handle the whole checkout and conversion process
  • Fast shipping to the US (usually within 2-5 days in our experience)

keep in mind

  • The best selection is only available on their website which is an EU based website
  • This means you have to purchase it in Euros (PayPal or a good travel credit card will handle this for you seamlessly)
  • The ones made out of vinyl will wear down overtime (2 years) and lose some structure on the sidewalls
  • Will not look good with any socks
  • Sizing on the website is EU sizing (see FAQs below for our sizing conversion guide)
  • Be aware that on one of my orders I had a very strange customs issue with FedEx. Delayed things and was really confusing. Rivieras customer service handled it. Apparently it only happens on a small percentage of international orders, but worth nothing that this could happen to yours


It was tempting to give Allbirds the clean sweep here by choosing their Tree Loungers as our top pick, but style wise, nothing we have found compares to the shape and design of Rivieras. Allbirds are more comfortable and durable if those are your priorities, but in the summertime you likely want your leisure shoes to stand out a little more while at the beach or poolside and Rivieras gives you by far the most color options.


This is one of the products I get asked the most about when I wear them out. A lot of their styles are just visually stunning and not something you will find at this price point. Given that they are EU based, the purchase process obviously isn’t as seamless as it is buying from Amazon. But Paypal integration and cheap/fast FedEx shipping makes it pretty close if you are willing to take one or two extra steps. While it is not necessary, it helps to have a good travel credit card with no FX conversion fees, like this one, to make sure you get the lowest possible rate. If not, Paypal will handle it for you. The Rivieras website prices, even post conversion and including shipping, are still cheaper than most versions available from local retailers which makes it worth it all-in.


Rivieras remain my go-to slip-on shoe if I want to show off a little Roman inspired “ankle cleavage” while paired with shorts or a good pair of going out pants/joggers. You won’t find comparable style options anywhere else, particularly at this price point. This overshadows longer-term durability issues in the vinyl side paneling making it a really good gift for yourself, a significant other or a stylish dad for Father’s Day.  

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How does sizing work?

Rivieras, annoyingly, only lists EU sizes on their website.


If in doubt, we recommend sizing down especially since you’re going to wear these sockless or with very thin socks. I’m a 12 in Nike/APL shoes and a 45 fits me best.


Here is a handy guide for Men sizes:

40 EU = 7 US

41 EU = 7.5-8 US

42 EU = 6.5-9 US

43 EU = 9.5-10 US

44 EU = 10.5-11 US

45 EU = 11.5-12 US

46 EU = 12.5-13 US

47 EU = 14 US

48 EU = 15 US

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Related Products & Links

Allbirds Tree Loungers

These are comfier and more durable than Rivieras but the shape and colors are more limited and cannot compare in terms of selection. I own a pair of Tree Loungers and love them as a daily shoe in the summertime if you don’t want to put on socks. But I rarely wear them if I’m actually going out somewhere.


H&M Slip-On Shoes

H&M copied the same style as the basic Rivieras and basically came out with a Rivieras/Toms hybrid. These are great though and they finally introduced some more colors and styles. A little easier to obtain than Rivieras and cheaper. A good back-up option if you just need a quick pair for the weekend.

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