Best Winter Jacket for Men

As of November 2019


While Superdry does offer big discounts (20-50%) on many jacket styles throughout the year, they also tend to run out of stock randomly on certain designs/sizes. Given the overall reasonable pricing across the site, we suggest not waiting if you see something you love.


Superdry does have stores located throughout the US if you want to try their stuff on in person.


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what we like

  • Nice, athletic cut and feel to all their jackets
  • Long enough sleeves even with a more fitted design
  • Attractive price point with all jackets <$350
  • Over 100 different styles to choose from
  • High quality, warm and durable

keep in mind

  • The designs and listings on the website aren’t evergreen. In other words, they’ll sell out of sizes in a certain style and just never bring that exact version back
  • Good news is that there are usually several similar versions of every style offered throughout the site at all times. You’ll just have to search around


PSA to everyone: Stop buying Canada Goose jackets.


What’s the point? You’re spending over $1,000 on a style of jacket that has become easy to replicate and which every second person walking down the street already owns.


If you haven’t heard of Superdry yet, get familiar with them because their outerwear has all the benefits of a Goose style jacket at a more attractive price point and a better overall fit. Superdry is a UK based company with Japanese inspired designs. If I had to sum it up their vibe in one sentence: it’s basically some type of hybrid between Uniqlo, Lululemon and Supreme. In our opinion, they make some of the best hoodies on the market and their outerwear is really well designed across the board.


Because it’s winter, most jacket manufacturers size their stuff to be overly baggy and hanging off of you. I struggled for years to find a jacket which provided an athletic fit with long enough sleeves (usually you have to make a tradeoff here). Almost every Superdry jacket we have tried fits this mold.


This is one of the rare products on this website where we do not pick an exact style for you. They have hundreds on the website, including Goose style parkas and simple puffers, to choose from. Best of all, no jacket costs more than $350. They have a solid shipping and return policy so if you’re undecided on size and style, buy a few and keep the one(s) you love. You can’t go wrong.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Which jacket styles do you like the best on the site?

Their Everest Parkas are the most popular look going right now. Either that or a down/puffer jacket will be your best bet to keep you warm enough for the winter.


Which size should I get?

The good part about Superdry jackets is that sleeve length generally doesn’t go down dramatically when you scale down in size. I’m a medium in most things and I chose to go with a small for a more athletic fit. Sleeves still fit amazing and there is still enough room to layer underneath.

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Canada Goose

You probably already own one or are constantly surrounded by them. They’re obviously popular for a reason and that’s because they really perfected how to make an extremely well insulated yet stylish jacket for the masses. It’s just an absurd price to pay when so many competitors have caught up to them for a fraction of the cost. If clout is your number one priority, then you’ve probably already made up your mind. But if not, it’s worth your time and money to look around, particularly at Superdry.



Asos has an impressive (if not overwhelming) selection of basically every type of coat design you can want. Prices are reasonable and returns are super flexible. If you have a particular style of jacket in mind and Superdry doesn’t carry it, it’s worth checking out Asos’s selection for sure.


Lululemon Coats & Jackets

Not surprisingly, Lulu makes some solid quality jackets and coats as well at a somewhat reasonable price point ($150-300). I do find the fit of most of Lulu’s jackets to be subpar compared to Superdry.

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