Best Wine Glasses (Value)

As of June 2020


The 90-day average price for the Cabernet version of these glasses on Amazon is $49.76 as of 08/31/2020, according to data from Keepa. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change.


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what we like

  • Best suited for: The casual wine drinker who doesn’t want to spend an arm & a leg. If you are a more hardcore wine drinker, click here for our top overall pick
  • Durable – Made out of German Tritan crystal which is one of the more resilient forms of crystal out there
  • Thin enough to create a nice interaction between the wine and your lips
  • Thick enough to have a good shot at not breaking even if knocked over
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Well priced at roughly $50 for a set of 6 so you don’t feel terrible if one happens to break
  • Choice of 6 different stemmed glass shapes (Cabernet makes for the easiest everyday go-to)

keep in mind

  • Still a clear notch below our favorite overall pick which is the Zalto
  • The stem and rim are thicker than Zaltos which creates a slightly less enjoyable drinking experience
  • Reviewers complained about durability issues but it’s possible it came from a bad seller or a bad batch. In over 2 years of owning these I have yet to break even one


There is one, and only one, gold standard in the wine glass market and that’s the Zalto Universal Glass. Nothing we have ever tried truly compares to the look, feel and experience of using the Zalto which makes it our obvious top overall pick for best wine glass.


However, spending $60+ on a single glass just doesn’t make sense for most casual wine drinkers. If you aren’t a true oenophile (yes, that’s an actual word), it’s unlikely that the additional investment into Zaltos will be noticeable or worth it for you. All you should really be looking for in an everyday wine glass is for one that is:

  1. Thin enough – To properly maximize the interaction between the wine and your lips
  2. Thick enough – To be durable so it doesn’t easily break if you accidentally knock it over
  3. Dishwasher safe – So that you don’t have to get stressed about hand cleaning a bunch of glasses while hungover the following morning
  4. Cheap enough – So that should #2 fail, you are not too upset about it


After years of evaluating (and weekly testing) a wide variety of wine glasses, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan stood out the most in the non-Zalto category and best captured all four points above. Reviewers on Amazon have in the past criticized the fragility of these glasses but it’s possible they got a bad batch from a bad seller. Schott Zwiesel is made with German crystal which, in our experience, is about as durable as it gets. At roughly $50 for a set of 6, this makes for a very solid choice for the casual wine drinker. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Which wine glass style should I get?

Cabernet is the most dynamic and flexible of them all if you are looking for just 1 glass to use for all types wines. I’m personally a big fan of the Riesling as well (available in another Amazon listing) since it’s smaller and provides a tighter experience for white wines.


See below for a breakdown of the different styles and sizes:



Are these dishwasher safe?

Definitely. We wouldn’t buy them if they weren’t. Just don’t try to wedge them in tight and upright in your dishwasher. Try to prop them up at an angle on the top shelf and make sure the stem is low enough to clear the top of the dishwasher before closing the rack otherwise it’ll likely break.

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Zalto Universal Glass

The unquestioned GOAT of the wine glass game. Click here for our full review on Zaltos and to see what makes them so great and worth the price for those with a bigger budget.


Gabriel-Glas -Austrian Crystal Wine Glass – “StandArt” Edition – Set of 2

These are a pricier than the Schott Zwiesels but still cheaper than Zaltos. They provide a nice bulb shape which creates a better drinking experience than the Schott Zwiesels. But the stem is still much thicker than the Zalto. A great mid-range option.



We have bought numerous Riedel glasses throughout the years and there’s a reason we keep buying them: they keep breaking. They do a provide a very solid drinking experience which might even be slightly better the Schott Zwiesels. They are also widely available at Bed Bath & Beyond which means they can be scooped up fairly cheap. The durability is just not at the level of Schott Zwiesel.

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