Best Credit Card for Amazon Purchases

As of October 2019


Given how impressive the rewards rate is for Amazon & Whole Foods purchases, you likely won’t find any promotions or sign-up bonuses. So, if you qualify, feel free to sign up when ready.


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what we like

  • 5% back on all Amazon.com and Whole Foods purchases if you are a Prime member (a still respectable 3% on the non-Prime version if not)
  • 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • No caps on rewards limit
  • Rewards automatically show up in the form of Amazon dollars on your Amazon account and can be easily applied at checkout

keep in mind

  • While, the non-Prime version is still worth it if you do not want to fork over $119/year for Prime membership, this card really only gets maximized if you are a Prime member and sign up for the Prime version of this card.
  • If you plan to run up a balance, be careful using this card as interest charges can be heavy
  • Otherwise, if you plan on paying off your card every month, this is one of the greatest credit cards ever made. What a time to be a consumer


This is just another genius (and generous) move by Jeff Bezos and co. They went over and above any comparable market rate rewards program to make sure we all willfully enter and get locked into the Amazon ecosystem. And it worked.


There aren’t many absolute no-brainers on this website and this is one of them. If you have a Prime membership, this credit card offers 5% back (in Amazon dollars) on all Amazon.com and Whole Foods purchases. Yes, you read that right. You essentially get 5% off every Amazon and Whole Foods order you place.


On top of that it offers a respectable rewards rate at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores while having no annual credit card fee, no foreign transaction fee and caps on rewards limit.


Get this card asap and immediately make it your default for all spending done at Amazon and Whole Foods.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Is there an annual fee?



Is there a cap on spending/redemptions?



What kind of credit rating do you need to be eligible for this card?

You likely need a solid credit score of between 690-850 to qualify


I’m not sure I’ll pay off my balance every month. Should I still get this card?

No, definitely not. Interest rates are heavy and will cancel out all the benefits you earn. Do not get this card if you plan on running a balance.


Who is the issuer?

This is a partnership between Chase and Amazon. Chase is the one extending you credit and you have to setup an online account with them after signing up where you can go to see your statements and pay off your balances.


How do I redeem points?

Everything is automatic! Your Chase online portal is connected to your Amazon account. Once you payoff your balance with Chase, the points will automatically be added to your Amazon account. At checkout, when deciding how to pay for your current Amazon, you then have the option of using the points balance which then gets applied to your current bill.

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