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As of January 2020


You should never pay full price for a shirt from Indochino as they are constantly running bundle promotions every few months where you can get shirts for under $50/each. Typically you should expect to spend between $60-80/each if the exact style you want isn’t discounted.


Shipping is always free if you spend at least $150.


If you live in a city which has a physical Indochino showroom, we recommend stopping by one to get measured for at least your first order so they can get it right. They offer the same deals in store as they do online and orders can still be mailed to your home directly


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what we like

  • Fits best for those looking for: A dress shirt that actually fits perfectly
  • This is the best value we have seen for a custom dress shirt of this quality (priced as low as $40-50/each when on sale)
  • Wide variety of fabric types including lighter cotton shirts for the summer and flannel for the winter
  • Large selection of different customization options including collar type, pockets, cuffs, inside trim and/or monograms
  • Free alterations if it doesn’t come out as expected (if you don’t live in a city with a showroom, they will reimburse you for local tailoring)
  • Easy online measurement process if you want to do it yourself
  • They store and can alter your measurements for seamless placement of future orders

keep in mind

  • It can take as long as a month to receive, depending on how busy and backed up their orderbook is
  • They don’t design back darts into your shirt when you order (if you want a slimmer fitting shirt you really need darts). For some reason they make you receive the shirt first and then have the darts added afterwards. This can add another few weeks to the process


Unless you lucked out and found an off the rack shirt that manages to fit you perfectly, you should really only be buying custom shirts at this point. Enough custom retail companies have hit the market over the past decade so you no longer need to visit Hong Kong or be a professional athlete to get access to quality fitted dress clothes. On top of that, there is a good chance that the shirts you will buy from Indochino will be even cheaper than the loose/ill fitting off the rack dress shirts you’ve always worn.


The measurement process is very straightforward. If you live in a city with an Indochino showroom, we really recommend stopping by one for your first order, at least, to make sure they size you perfectly. If not, grab a friend or family member with a tape measure and follow along to their step by step measurement instruction guide. From there you simply choose your fabrics and customizations. Within a month (usually 2-3 weeks unless it’s a busy wedding season), it’ll be shipped to your door.


If it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can go into one of their showrooms and they’ll aim to fix whatever adjustments need to be made using a local, in-house tailor. If you live in a city which doesn’t have a showroom, they’ll reimburse you for the cost of using a local one. In rare cases, if the shirt is beyond repair, they’ll order you a new one with the corrected measurements. From that point forward, your measurements are always stored in your name which makes future orders a breeze.


If you can afford to wait, we think Indochino offers the best blend of value/quality we have seen on the market. Their customer service has always been on point as they work to really make sure they get it right. They have a wide selection of fabrics and their shirts fit better than all of the $150-200 shirts I have in my closet. The only downside is that they will not manufacture the shirts with back darts as an option. You will have to request that their local tailor adds in the darts after the shirt is already made. Therefore, if you want to have the slimmest fitting cut, you will likely need to add another 2 weeks to ordering process. It’s absolutely worth the extra wait to have a perfect shirt which will last, but that is always the tradeoff versus buying off the rack. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Which cities contains Indochino showrooms?

A full list is available here


How long will it take to arrive?

It could be as long as a month or as little as two weeks depending on how backed up they are


How are their suits?

Really solid. We discuss our best custom suit here.


Which fabric shirts should I buy?

It mostly depends on what you’re looking for exactly and which season you want to wear it in. They list fabric type and fabric weights on each page. The higher the weight, the heavier/warmer the fabric and vice versa. They also offer a variety of anti-wrinkle fabrics if you want the lowest maintenance option possible.


What happens if the shirt doesn’t fit how I expected it to?

This is pretty likely to happen after your first order in some minor form. Maybe you want it to be shorter or taken in a little more. They’ll handle all of that for free using their in-house tailors. If you don’t live near a showroom, they will reimburse you for the cost of the alteration from a local tailor. Any adjustments you made are then stored and updated in the system for futures orders.


What are back darts and should I get them?

Back darts, in my opinion, are a must have if you are looking for the slimmest cut possible. The issue with most off the rack shirts is that they balloon up the back and make you look messy or out of shape. Back darts help to remove that extra fabric so the shirt hugs your body closer.

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Trunk Club Custom | Proper Cloth

Both fit extremely well and are high quality. They are just more expensive than Indochino. The issue with Trunk Club is you need to go to a local rep to have your measurements taken and fabrics chose as nothing is available online. With Proper Cloth, it’s the opposite as everything is online only. That’s why we prefer Indochino, all-in, because you get the best of both worlds for as little as half the cost.



In terms of off-the-rack shirts, I’ve found Bonobos to make some of the best. They offer a wide variety of customization and fitting options (most of their shirts come in slim, tailored, or standard fit). For most people though, including me, it’s still just such a massive difference when compared to a custom shirt. After switching to Indochino, I got rid of most of my old Bonobos shirts.

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