Best Wireless Headphones for Sleep (Headband)

As of November 2020


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A Bluetooth headband headphone which is comfortable enough to wear to sleep
  • Very comfortable to wear throughout the night
  • Speakers are thin and sewn into the headband fabric – Makes it easy to rest comfortably above your ears
  • Battery lasts for 8+ hours
  • Relatively easy to pair – iPhone efficiently rediscovers the headphones when you turn them back on
  • Nice range
  • Does not get too hot or stuffy
  • Can double as an eye mask

keep in mind

  • Corny looking “Enjoying” plastered on the front of the headband – Clearly wasn’t designed domestically
  • As a result, it reduces the appeal of wearing it as a running headband
  • Need to hand wash it for cleaning


2020 has affected the sleep patterns of a lot of people. Dopamine deficiency is a real thing and in general it’s smart to avoid devices hours before bedtime so your brain can calm down. Nevertheless, many of us still prefer to have something to listen to, like a podcast, audio book or sleep music, in order to soothe us to sleep. The issue with Airpods and other wireless earbuds is that they can be uncomfortable to wear for hours at a time and you cannot wear them if you lie on the side of your face.


I enjoy falling asleep to podcasts typically and it took me awhile to discover these Perytong headphones as a great solution to this problem. Building thin speakers into the headband itself is genius and the design of these, in particular, is impressive given the cost. The result is a headband which is very comfortable to wear all night as it gives you the flexibility to turn and sleep sideways on your pillow without having to deal with an earbud being drilled deep into your canal. Furthermore, they can double as great headphones for running or workout (although the corny “Enjoying” font on the front might cramp your style).


Yes, it’s annoying to have to hand wash it periodically, but it’s well worth the occasional minor hassle to have headphones you can wear comfortably throughout the night. They pair very easily to your iPhone and the speaker sound is high quality. Furthermore, I have yet to overheat or feel irritated wearing these. At under $20, these are a steal and absolutely worth trying if you’re looking for a smart solution.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Can you put this in the washer?

No. You should hand wash this periodically. What I personally do is rub a little of my face wash into a wet towel and then wipe it down at least once a week.


How do you pair it?

While the charger is not connected, hold down the button in the middle/top of the front panel until it starts flashing. It’ll then be discoverable under your settings


How do you charge it?

There’s a tiny cord which tucks into the back of the headband which you remove to plug the included charging cable into. It fully charges in about 2 hours


How long does the charge last?

8 hours


Can you wear this for running/workout?

You definitely can but since you have to hand wash it, it would be a pain to constantly wear it while sweating in it meaning you’d have to wash it even more frequently. For working out, check out our top pick for ear buds here.

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