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As of February 2021


Inventory seems to come and go from Amazon, but always has free shipping. Otherwise, all of these books are on Jellycat’s website, but you will have to pay for shipping.


Another great option is to shop at a local children’s boutique in your area – they likely have these books!


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what we like

  • Variety of textures one each page that babies will love playing with
  • Relatively small and lightweight – easy for the baby to hold
  • Board book is easy to clean if anything spills or if the baby slobbers/chews on it
  • Cute story with just a few words on each page
  • Many of the books have a matching stuffed animal you can buy from Jellycat

keep in mind

  • Can be tough to find on Amazon certain times of the year


A few years ago, I was meeting my baby nephew for the first time and wanted to pick up something cute to give him.  I popped into a children’s boutique in Philadelphia, and came across this adorable book, If I Were A Duck.  Its pages were filled with colors and textures describing what the duck’s feet, beak, and feathers felt like.  For example, “my feet would be scratchy” with a scratchy surface for the baby to play with.  Each page had a different texture, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.


Mama and aunty loved it, so obviously it was a homerun gift at the time.  However, it wasn’t until months later that I learned my nephew continued to gravitate towards the book almost daily.  I think what makes these books special is they are a board book, perfect size for babies to hold and turn pages, and sturdy.  The pages are colorful and unique, and allow the baby to interact with the book.  We have quickly grown our extended family’s library with many of the Jellycat books, and have continued to gift these to all the newborn babies in our lives.


One of my favorite gift combinations, aside from the Baby Mat, is the Jellycat book with its matching stuffed animal.  Jellycat’s book and stuffed animals are high quality, perfect for newborn to 1 year old, and adorable.  Reminds me of the old school beanie babies I used to play with growing up!

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Which are your favorites?

I am partial to the duck book, which is what began the journey. However, I also love the puppy and bunny books, which are also available on Nordstrom.  If you can buy this at a local store, you’ll be able to see in person and choose better.  I also recommend seeing if there’s a Jellycat book that matches the parents’ nursery theme they may have chosen.

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In addition to the books, I highly recommend Jellycat’s stuffed animals.  They are incredibly soft, come in a few different sizes, and are adorable for the baby to play with.

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