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As of November 2020


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The Queen and King version tend to run about $10 and $15 more, respectively, than the standard version.


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A memory foam pillow which perfectly supports the neck for both side and back sleepers
  • The first pillow I have ever used which perfectly cradles my neck and doesn’t result in me tossing and turning all night
  • Two different levels of thickness on each side of the pillow so you can flip it depending on if you’re a side or back sleeper
  • Bamboo covering helps with ventilation and cooling
  • Really well priced at under $50 for even the King sized version
  • Optional middle layer which can be removed for those looking for a thinner shape

keep in mind

  • Milemont makes these pillows in China, not domestically
  • First day or two there will be a slight odor


We spent over a year testing various pillow options and struggled to find a perfect all-in-one option which could cater to the widest array of sleeper types. Pillows are tough because everyone has unique necks, spines and sleeping angles/postures. Some people like a firmer pillow while some prefer a thinner, fluffier, hotel like option.


I heard about this one from a few different people and trying it for the first time felt like a true game changer. I never slept more peacefully and never once even had to think about adjusting my pillow throughout the night.


Like most foam pillows, it takes a day or two to fully release the odor after taking it out of the packaging. But once it’s gone, the result is one of the more naturally comfortable sleeping experiences I’ve had. I use it exclusively and religiously now, to the point that sleeping at hotels doesn’t feel as supportive. The removable middle insert and different thickness levels on each side of the pillow make it adjustable for a wide variety of sleepers. At under $50 for all sizes, it’s definitely worth trying to see if it can also solve your neck pain issues at night. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What’s the height on this pillow?

With the removable middle memory foam insert: 4.7″ on the side sleeper side, 3.9″ on the back sleeper side


Without the middle memory foam insert: 3.5″ on the side sleeper side and 3″ on the back sleeper side


Where is it made?



Is it cooling?

Yes. It’s great for temperature regulating. It has a nice, breathable bamboo cover.


Is there an odor out of the box?

Yes there is a slight odor from the foam which should go away within a day or two if you leave it out.

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