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As of May 2020


I suggest asking Sephora for a sample to see if you like it first, and then buying a few during the Sephora or Ulta sales so you have them to last you until the next sale. There are also some value sets that include a sample size of this product, but I don’t think they’re that valuabe if you decide you like the product and want to use it frequently. Can be a great gift or in-between from the sample to the full size product, though!


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what we like

  • Not harsh like most exfoliants
  • Smells great
  • Cruelty free and clean

keep in mind

  • Definitely a pricey product for body wash – the average drugstore body wash only runs you about $8
    while this runs you $40


Kopari is one of those random brands I’d never heard of until a Vogue beauty editor I follow posted about it. The products are all coconut oil-infused – and we know that the cure for everything is coconut oil. There’s a reason it’s an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.


This brown sugar-based scrub is meant to polish, exfoliate, & hydrate, and it does all of that immediately. I was hooked after my first trial size sample that I picked up at Sephora. And I have problematic skin in that I have keratosis pilaris – those chicken skin looking bumps that are really common – on my arms and thighs. So if it’s working for me after years of trying even prescription strength products, it’s a dream product.


It’s meant to be used on dry skin, but even if it’s a touch wet in the shower, it still does the trick. It leaves your skin feeling VERY smooth & moisturized, not just right after but well into the next day. It really does act like a buffer for my dry bumps and it makes them noticeably less visible. And it does so without leaving your skin feeling raw like a lot of exfoliating body products do. Bonus – it’s cruelty-free & clean AND smells like a tropical getaway, too!



Sizing Tips & FAQs

How do I use it?

So this is meant to be a body scrub that you use on dry skin, but I just use it in the shower when I’m not soaked yet and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. When I’m showering, I typically use the Kopari on my arms, thighs, and butt since these are the areas that actually need a scrub. Then, I use a different body wash for everywhere else on my body, ie my hoo-ha :). Then, after a few minutes of having the scrub on my body, I rinse off.


How often should I use this?

I use this product every shower I take. If dry skin isn’t as big of a concern for you, you can use this product every other week or as a treat in your bath.


How long does the one container last?

It goes a long way for sure. I’ve had my current container for over a month and am only halfway through it, and I use mine every day.

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