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Best Ankle Cut Socks for Men

12/2019 to 12/2021


If you live near a TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, we recommend stopping by there first. They usually have a selection of these for ~$1 per pair.


Otherwise, Amazon sellers or eBay still offer really reasonable prices at the above links.


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what we like

  • Note: This is no longer our top pick. Click here for our updated choice!
  • Durable – These last a really long time before stretching or tearing
  • Great for both men and women
  • Breathable – Cool for hot days and still warm enough for cold days
  • Extremely comfortable and cushion-y
  • Stay up all day without falling off the ankle
  • Priced cheap enough where you don’t care if you lose one in the washer or a bag

keep in mind

  • These aren’t cut low enough where you can wear them with ankle showing footwear like loafers and boat shoes. (see our pick for Best Loafer Socks)
  • Otherwise, these are as close to a no brainer as you’ll find


Growing up, there is a good chance the socks you wore throughout high school were the default cotton Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Polo or Puma ones that your mom picked up from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. After having tested all those brands for seemingly decades, at this point, there is only one which continually stood out to us: Puma.


Some things never change and some things don’t need to change if the company keeps putting out a product that is better than everything else that has come around. We have tried many different sock brands over that time and none can offer the all-in durability, comfort and value that Puma consistently does.


A few new companies, like Bombas, have come around which have tried to disrupt the sock game. While they put out a high quality product which is better than almost anything else out there and use portions of the proceeds to support a very good cause, the premium you pay makes them an unrealistic choice for an everyday gym sock.


I own no less than 20 pairs of Puma socks and love how well they hold up overtime and how seamlessly they fit with almost any running shoe. If you have convenient access to a local Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, we recommend stopping in there first to explore their inventory since they offer the lowest prices. If not, check out our Amazon and eBay links for extremely reasonable listings. 


Sizing Tips & FAQs

Do these tear?

I’ve had pairs of Puma socks for 5-6 years before. Pretty remarkable durability vs Nike or Adidas socks. They’re a little more likely to stretch out than tear, overtime, in my experience.

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Bombas are fantastic socks in general and the selection, durability and company mission is tough to beat, all-in. They can just be as much as 12 times more expensive than a comparable Puma sock. They’re worth a premium over Puma socks but not even close to that much. If they have a good design you like or you see one on the website you want to give as a gift, we are fully on board with that.

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