Note: Proraso recently redesigned this bottle. Formula is still the same

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As of January 2020


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what we like

  • Eucalyptus and menthol combines to form an old school barbershop manly smell
  • Light scent is subtle and does not linger
  • Menthol produces a tingling and soothing sensation after use
  • No parabens, artificial color or animal ingredients
  • 1 bottle lasts a very long time (could be up to 2 years with daily use)
  • Relatively inexpensive

keep in mind

  • Does contain alcohol. Given that I tend to have dry skin, I thought this would aggravate it even further. I’ve been using this for years and have had no issues and realized that the alcohol is critical to fulfill the soothing function of aftershave
  • But if alcohol as an ingredient has aggravated your skin in the past, that may be something you want to consider


It took me awhile to realize that aftershave actually serves a purpose. I think this scene in Home Alone single handedly managed to wipe out an entire generation of potential aftershave users. All of us basically became conditioned to think aftershave is cologne…only super painful.


Believe it or not, it does serve a purpose and a useful one which you should consider adding to your morning shave routine to keep your facial skin looking good. A solid aftershave will:

  1. Soothe and moisturize your skin – Shaving is a really rough chore and, even if using a modern day cartridge razor, can still do damage to your face if not done correctly
  2. Help manage any inflammation from skin burn – Oftentimes, wreckless shaving can rip off the top layer of your skin so a good aftershave will help to manage it
  3. Leave you smelling good


After trying a variety of different aftershave brands over the years, I still keep coming back to Proraso. It does all the above extremely well while leaving your face with a nice tingling sensation and a refreshing but mild scent. The bottle is inexpensive and will last you years, even with daily use.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What is your full morning shave routine?

  1. Rub pre-shave oil across entire face to loosen up facial hair
  2. Wet shave brush 
  3. Lather shave brush with shave soap in bowl and spread across face
  4. Shave using razor
  5. Wash face using facial cleanser
  6. Apply after-shave
  7. Apply post-shave moisturizing balm
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Pinaud Lime Sec Cologne

I bought this after seeing my old barbershop use it religiously. This bottle is huge and performs well in terms of toning post-shave. I personally enjoy the lime smell but it’s going to turn off anyone who doesn’t love a citrus-y scent. Regardless, the scent doesn’t last or linger very long. Worth a look if you are a big fan of citrus scents.


Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion

This is one manly smell. Very much an old school barbershop feeling. You kinda feel like you should wrestle a bear and drink some scotch after you put it on. I prefer the Proraso scent overall but if you are looking for a super authentic barbershop experience, this Clubman is worth a look.

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