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As of February 2020


Buy on Bloomingdale’s during their Loyallist sale so you earn a $25-50 Bloomie’s gift card for a future purchase. Wolford also has a rotating set of bodysuits on sale on their own website. Finally, Amazon always runs their own deals on certain bodysuits.


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what we like

  • Variety of textures, styles, and colors
  • Long-lasting investment piece

keep in mind

  • Dry-clean only
  • High price tag


There’s a reason these bodysuits are so expensive for a basic layer piece – THEY. LAST. FOREVER!!


Much like their famed stockings, which are also a JOAT pick, these bodysuits are durable and long-lasting, so definitely worth the extra cost. They become everyday investment pieces in your wardrobe.


They come in a variety of textures, styles, and colors. In terms of styles – you can do full bottom or thong on the bottom and pick from a bunch of different necklines up top. There’s also a few sleeve choices – tee, long-sleeve, three quarter, and sleeveless.


I wear Wolford bodysuits all year round, every season. In the winter, the long sleeves are great for a layer under a cardigan or sweater. In the fall, I wear them a few times a week with jeans (my go-to with bodysuits) or my work slacks. And in the spring/summer, I rock the tee & sleeveless suits with skirts or denim shorts. They’re the easiest outfit staple and can be dressed up or down, too.


The only downfall here, folks, is the whole going to the bathroom when you’re wearing a bodysuit thing…

Sizing Tips & FAQs


True to size across all styles, but if you’re unsure or in-between sizes I would size down as a tighter fit is better for a bodysuit.


When do you wear a bodysuit and when do you wear a camisole?

I prefer a full bodysuit to a camisole because camis tend to ride up or roll and I’m constantly fussing with them. It’s a comfort thing, for sure, but it can also mess with the look of your outfit.


Do you prefer the full bottom or thong? Is it weird to have that?

I prefer the thong unless you’re wearing them with a looser bottom that you can’t see the seams of the full bottom in. Especially if you’re on the curvier side like me, the seams can make your booty bulge a bit and it just doesn’t look as sleek as the thong version.

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There are some cheaper alternatives that I like, too, but the quality and durability is definitely not the same. If you dry clean your Wolford bodysuits, they will last you a lifetime – no exaggeration. But even with dry cleaning, most alternatives can really only last you a season or two.


My favorite second option is the Madewell Crewneck Thong Bodysuit. The Madewell bodysuit is a solid option and I have a ton of these in my closet in both colors. But, they pill over time, even with dry cleaning. And, they don’t hide your pit stains as well as the Wolford ones do!

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