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As of November 2019


Discounts are not very common, but if you put in a little work and have some patience, you can find some serious deals on versions of these to get them for closer to $100. Regardless, they have a 10% off (pop-up) coupon on your first order for signing up for their mailing list.


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what we like

  • Sleek and simple designs which pair with all clothing, especially sweats and any other ankle length pants
  • Stylish enough to wear to the gym, on a plane or out for a casual night (a good chance a stranger asks you which brand you are wearing when you are out)
  • Comfortable with great support and cushioning

keep in mind

  • You won’t get blisters but it might take a day or two to break these in. Especially the tongue on the Hickies versions
  • This is a $100-200 shoe which is on the more expensive side of things but still within the reasonable range of a high end, durable, everyday designer sneaker


Truth is, there isn’t a massive difference anymore when it comes to designs and tech in sneakers. We all have our own styles and budgets and all the big manufacturers have a lot of insight into the overarching trends we are gravitating towards and try to somewhat conform. I was previously a lifelong Nike (and more recently Adidas Boosts) wearer and finally discovered and converted to APLs full-time for 3 reasons:


  1. They look amazing and incredibly sleek
  2. They’re consistent. By that, I mean that you don’t have to worry as much about your favorite style/fit of sneaker being discontinued every year as happens often with styles of Nikes and Adidas
  3. Very comfortable. I’ve worn them for 6+ hour flights and felt great the whole time
  4. Selection isn’t overwhelming. There is definitely a such thing as too many options. APL keeps the style and color choices in check which takes stress and FOMO out of the buying process


These are plastered everywhere on social media and have been hyped up by the likes of Oprah and the Kardashians. The shoes went fairly mainstream in 2017 after they launched a temporary partnership with Lululemon. The hype is definitely justified. If you are a hardcore sneakerhead, then APLs will probably be too basic for you. But if you just want a reliable shoe which performs well and looks great, you cannot go wrong with any of APL’s designs.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Sizing wise, how do these stack up versus Nike and Adidas?

True to size. For the Techloom Pro, I wear 12 in Nike/Adidas and went with 12 in APLs which fit perfectly.


How does the Techloom Pro compare to the Wave, Bliss, Breeze, Phantom and Chelsea versions?

The Pro is APL’s simplest and most classic version. It’s also the lowest priced. For those reasons, the Pro is the obvious choice for us.


The Phantom is a close second. It has a similar look to the Pro but also has an inner liner of sorts which provides a sock like feel. The Wave most closely resembles the look of Boosts and Nike Flyknit but it also comes with a premium price tag. Bliss and Breeze are a lower cut shoe which we think look a little funny with a traditional no show sock (they look better with a lower cut loafer sock). I know Oprah loves them, but I’m not a fan of the Chelsea. Chelsea boots look a lot better when paired with jeans…not shorts in the gym. (Plus they cost $300. If you want a great casual boot, check these out).


What do you think of the Hickies versions?

At first glance I thought they were kind of corny looking, but one of my friends bought one and I absolutely loved it. I get stopped more often to ask which shoes I’m wearing than almost any other item on this site. If you check out reviews on Amazon for Hickeys, it tends to be a lot of negative reviews which complain about their durability. If you’re lazy and just try to squeeze your foot into the top of the shoe without using your hands to lift the tongue first, the top one will absolutely break eventually. Otherwise, they’ll last. I only broke one in the first six months of owning a pair.


What’s the return policy?

Returns are free and can be done with a prepaid label off the website. Must be unworn and returned within 10 days of receipt.

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Related Products & Links

Adidas Boost

It’s tough to go wrong with a pair of Ultraboost although for $180ish I’d much rather own APLs. If you’re fixated on buying a pair of Adidas and don’t want to spend $180, you can scroll through their page and probably find even better looking styles like the Lite Racer or Alphaboost.


In terms of Yeezys, I’m a big fan of the more classic looking running shoe style boosts if you’re willing to pay up for them and can find them, but some of his newer designs like the Boost 500 and 700 might be in the running for the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.


Nike Flyknit 

I was a lifelong Nike customer before I found APLs but I still love many of their designs. Their 2017 Nike Free RN Flyknit Motion was one of my favorite pair shoes I’ve ever owned. Overall, I just think the APLs look a little sleeker and are just as effective performance wise.

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