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As of December 2020


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: Stylish, light plastic framed blue light blocking glasses under $50
  • Great fit and comfortable to wear all day – Glasses usually don’t look good on me but I find that these look good on a variety of head shapes
  • Durable – Have had 1 pair for over 3 years
  • Stylish case (with cleaning cloth included)
  • Various levels of magnification available if you require prescription lenses to see close distances

keep in mind

  • Amazon offers a variety of blue light glasses for close to $10-15/pair. So these can be considered on the pricier side. Of all the ones we tried, these fit the best


Blue light glasses are kind of like hair loss medication for men: everyone tells you they work and that you should use them daily but in reality, you have absolutely no idea if they are actually making a difference. Thankfully, unlike Propecia or Rogaine, you only need to buy these once and we are here to tell you that it is definitely worth picking up a pair.


The quick elevator pitch for blue light glasses is this: the screens we stare at for hours upon hours each day emit a bright, shorter-wavelength blue light than those which emanate from the sun. Overexposure to this blue light can affect your body’s natural melatonin levels which can affect your sleep patterns. In other words, too much blue light and your body is going to think it needs to be awake for longer than you want it to be. Simply using a pair during the day can help you to get better sleep and alleviate eye strain.


Aside from the purchase price, there’s no downside really. Worst case, you will just look a little sharper while walking around the house/office. Pretty much every eyeglass manufacturer makes a lens with blue light blocking included so simply make sure you get the shape/price you want. These PROSPEK ones, in particular, look really stylish and fit the most amount of face shapes we have seen.


I keep two pairs of these glasses which I use religiously: one next to my bed for when I look at my phone in the morning/nighttime and one next to my desk for when I look at my computer during the workday. They are light, durable and stylish while also being comfortable enough to wear for 8+ hours at a time. These come with a sleek looking case/box which make it a fantastic #giftunder$50 for anyone given that they are unisex. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Do blue light glasses actually work?

Depends on who you ask. Research isn’t conclusive one way or the other on whether or not blue light can damage your eyes. However, there is a growing consensus that over exposure to blue light can affect your melatonin levels which can affect your sleep patterns. Worth giving this WebMD article on the subject a read.


Which magnification should I get?

Prospek has these available all the way up to +3.00 but honestly, I’m not sure just how accurate each one is given that they aren’t custom prescriptions lenses. If your eyes are super sensitive and you need precise magnification, we recommend checking out the Lensdirect BlueDefend glasses below.

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Lensdirect BluDefend

Jill is a huge fan of these and claims they work wonders. They’re definitely more expensive than the Prospek’s and you have to pick out your frame and have them shipped to you, but they are worth it if you are willing to shell out the extra $.


Warby Parker

Again, these are pricier than the standalone Prospek’s (add $50 to any frame) but if you’re already in the Warby Parker ecosystem, it’s worth checking out their blue light lenses as well.


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