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As of October 2020


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what we like

  • Best for those looking for: A stretchy pair of pants with beltloops and a fly which you can comfortably wear to work, the golf course or to dinner
  • Available in three different fits: classic, slim and skinny
  • Available in five different lengths: 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, 37″
  • Available in 9+ colors
  • Has belt loops and a fly
  • Warpstreme materials is stretchy, water resistant, sweat wicking and extremely comfortable
  • Pockets are perfect – The front ones are nice and deep and contain a hidden zip compartment. Back pockets have nice, secure button closures
  • ABC (anti-ball crushing) fit around the crotch area – So even the skinny versions fit comfortably when you’re sitting down
  • Lulu offers complementary hemming services to adjust the length to your liking

keep in mind

  • Lulu only recently introduced the skinny cut. That was a previous gripe of mine as the slim cut still wasn’t tight enough around the ankle to pair nicely with boat shoes
  • The seat can sometimes sag a little overtime
  • Otherwise, these pants are perfect and last forever


Just because something is obvious, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Sometimes we like to direct your attention to #hiddengems or #dirtcheap alternatives. But sometimes, as the band…you just have to play the hits.


These pants used to be a bit more under the radar 3-4 years ago when they were originally labeled as Lulu’s ABC pants. But, like Lulu’s stock chart, the popularity of this pant has exploded in recent years as more people have realized that wearing traditional wool/cotton chinos is a thing of the past. It’s now truly possible to wear something that feels like sweatpants but looks like work pants.


Lulu offers them in basically every fit, length and color you can think of so sizing should not be an issue. The best part about these pants is that they still are ABC (anti-ball crushing). So even a skinnier fit still fits loose around the crotch area meaning you won’t be uncomfortable when you are sitting down. All of these come with belt loops and a zip fly. Furthermore, Lulu offers a complementary hemming service in their stores so don’t worry about getting the length perfect.


A lot of competitors have tried to copy these and claim they have come up with a better version, but we have yet to see it. $128 is far from inexpensive, but for something you will potential use everyday, it is well worth it. Buy 2-3 pairs of these in various colors and you’ll be set for the next 2-3 years, at least. 

Sizing Tips & FAQs

Wait, are these ABC or Commission Pants? What is the difference?

Lulu made this extremely confusing for some reason. ABC (Anti-Ball Crushing) is both a feature and a product name. These commission pants are made with ABC technology meaning they are sufficiently loose in the crotch area despite a more fitted look through the legs. Lulu also makes “ABC Pants” which have the five pocket design (the semi-circle pockets that you find on jeans). Those are different than these and provide more of a jean look versus a chino look.


What does Warpstreme mean?

It’s Lulu’s trademarked name for that stretchy fabric they use in many of their pants which gives it a formal look but gym friendly feel


I’m not sure which fit to get between classic, slim and skinny…

Classic is obviously the most wide legged while skinny is the tightest. If you are looking for a pant to nicely hug your calves/ankles and not hang above your shoe, go for the skinny. If you want a looser fit through the ankle, go classic. If you have big legs and/or want something in between, go with the slims. I prefer the skinny fit.

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I really wanted to like these given the cheaper price but the material and fit just isn’t as comfortable fitting. They are solid but for $20 more I’d rather go for the Lulu’s. Also, it has the jeans/five pocket style look which means the pockets aren’t as easy to use



Birddogs, as a company, is awesome and hilarious. And make very little effort to hide the fact that they essentially copied the Commission Pant when making these. I’d pass on the built-in liner options as that seems unnecessary for pants, but these are worth checking out for sure. I still prefer the fit and feel of Lulu’s a bit more, but Birddogs did a good job on this one

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