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As of February 2020


Check eBay as brand new DockATots (likely previous season) are listed $50 cheaper than all other retailers. 20% off coupons would likely work at Buy Buy Baby too.


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what we like

  • Works best for newborn babies until they’re 3-6 months and start rolling over
  • The covers are machine washable & can be replaced/switched out
  • Portable within your home

keep in mind

  • Cumbersome for travel – can’t really be folded up/not compact
  • Your baby will grow out of it pretty quickly


This baby “must-have” is essentially a pillow to plop your little one on. It sounds pretty dumb at first glance, especially because it’s about $200, but especially in the first 3-4 months it’s definitely worth the hype. It can sit virtually anywhere without the risk of falling over an edge in the same way a baby bouncer seat can – dinner table, kitchen island, couch, bench…


When I gifted my bestie one, she gave me a really hard time about purchasing things not on her registry that she knew she wouldn’t use. Now it’s turned into a solid I-told-you-so moment for me because it’s one of the only things she actually uses all day every day.


While it has a limited time of use as your baby will quickly grow out of it, it’s one of those things that makes the newborn time period so much easier that it’s worth the price tag. For the matchy-watchy obsessed moms, the covers are interchangeable & for the practical moms, they’re machine washable.


I’m someone who didn’t want a baby shower as to avoid the countless useless (and corny) gifts so if I’m touting a baby item as an essential, you know it’s #WTH. I can’t recommend this enough as a great baby shower/ new baby gift for someone you love, or for yourself if nobody got it for you!

Sizing Tips & FAQs

What age range do you use the DockATot for?

The regular size is listed for 0-9 months while the Grand is listed for 9-36 months. But it’s important to note that once your baby starts rolling at anywhere from 3-6 months you may not feel comfortable using the the regular DockATot for safety reasons. I stopped using mine around 3 months.

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There are a ton of DockATot dupes on Amazon, so you may be rightfully asking whether there’s a good substitute at a better price.  Most of the dupes, including the one linked are listed as something to co-sleep in, which I for one am vehemently against, haha.


The dupes may look similar, but are actually a different product compared to what the DockATot is marketed for, which is a docking station for babies.  The DockATot is firmer than many of the cosleeping options. Also, DAT has evolved a ton over the last few years, and has a ton of covers and accessories like a beach canopy, mobile toys, etc. I know my review stresses it’s worth the hype… but can you tell I mean it? 🙂

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