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As of August 2020


I don’t see these on sale a lot, but it’s less than $20 and will last you forever because of how little you use each time.


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what we like

  • Easy to use and can be used to style multiple hairstyles
  • Affordable and lasts forever
  • Can use it on wet or dry hair
  • Clean product! – vegan, cruelty free natural ingredients

keep in mind

  • Once you use this for your sleek style, you can’t rewear your hair the next day – it’s too oily to be restyled and will need to be washed again before restyling


My go-to look when I’m short on time is a tight bun with a part in the middle. But, when you have curly/wavy hair like me, and/or you have a ton of fly aways/baby hairs (thanks, newborn), you need a good product that maintains the sleekness of the look without making it look stiff. The R&CO Pomade Stick does exactly that.


It’s also cheap & lasts forever, to boot. You can use it on wet or dry hair – I usually do wet since it’s a time saver look for me straight out of the shower. It’s pretty flexible & buildable & I never need to reapply. My fly aways stay down without my hair looking greasy – even on the windy or wet days they don’t budge. Or when I workout!


It’s actually a pretty versatile product, too. Sometimes I’ll use it to keep curls in place, especially the ones that frame my face. You just rub a little on your fingers & pull through your hair instead of applying the stick directly like I do with my bun. It’s also awesome for flyaways post blowout and/or straightener – a little touch on your fingertips works wonders.

Sizing Tips & FAQs

How do you use this product?

I pull my hair back/style it first, and then at the very end, I take the stick to my actual hair. If you find that it’s coming on too white/streaky, you can always apply to your hands and sleek back. Look at my video tutorial to get a better understanding!


Is this colored or clear? Will you be able to see the product on my hair?

It’s clear, but can leave a filmy white streak if you use too much.


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I’ve tried the mascara trick – like actual mascara, but it’s so much messier. Using a mascara-like wand can actually mess up the style that your hair is already in- like pull out the hairs that are tied back tightly in your bun or ponytail.

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