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Best Toiletry Kit for Men

12/2019 to 12/2020


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what we like

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  • Several different compartments/zippers which allow you to easily organize your items
  • Separate toothbrush compartment on the right
  • Built-in hanger which provides a convenient way to hang and access your kit while in use
  • Super thin profile which takes up little to no room in a bag
  • 8 different color choices

keep in mind

  • Design could be sexier. Colors (and logo on the front) are tacky looking
  • Would be better if the vertical zipper compartments had some sort of netting extending halfway up. Right now if you hang the bag and open the zippers all the way to the bottom, your toiletries can fall out
  • Mirror at the top is mostly useless (at least for men)
  • Otherwise, this is a no brainer for us


I, no joke, have bought and used no less than six different toiletry bags over the past five years. It’s a very underrated piece of luggage. People spend so much time researching the best roller bags and backpacks when interior organization (including good packing cubes) might be even more important.


After spending all that time with a variety of different designs, the key things I figured I out I want in a toiletry kit are:

  1. Separate compartments and dividers so products are easy to organize/find
  2. Hang-able so it can be stored out of the way and individual items can be accessed without fishing through entire bag
  3. Thin profile so it does not take up too much room in your suitcase/backpack


To our pleasant surprise, the eBags Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit passed all three tests with flying colors. We say surprisingly because our experience with other eBags branded products is that, while they are super functional and thoughtfully designed, they usually come up just a little short of more expensive competitors in terms of style/durability. The color scheme/design on this one still does leave a little to be desired, but the rest of the product is very efficiently made. It’s the best we have seen on the market, especially given the low price, and we expect to be using it for years to come. 

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Bagail Pack It Flat Toiletry Kit

This is essentially the exact same bag as the eBags kit and it’s cheaper. Only real difference is an extra zipper compartment on the right. Bagail is a good company which makes our favorite packing cubes. Be advised we have not tested this one yet but it looks to be comparable.


L.L. Bean Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag

I used this one for years but the layout is just not as good as the Pack-It-Flat. The side compartments are tiny so you end up just creating a lot of bulk and disorganization in the main compartment of the bag. Which sort of kills the whole purpose for buying a hanging toiletry kit.

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