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What’s the best way to see if a movie is available to stream on a platform?

by Jack

For the most part, the trend in cord-cutting has been a positive one for us consumers looking to finally break the chains of being held captive every 12-24 months to the whims of monopolistic cable companies. It’s still mind boggling to me how cable companies are one of the businesses in the world where consumers are routinely punished for loyalty.


One of the main downsides of this trend, however, has been the fact that we all now have a million different video streaming apps which are constantly shuffling which shows/movies they are showing each month. So, say you want to watch an old episode of Rick & Morty or suddenly get in the mood to re-watch Inception, where do you start?




With an extremely well designed website & phone app, you can easily search for your favorite shows/movies/actors and get directed to which outlets are currently carrying it for free. If none are available, they’ll point you to the one which has to rent or purchase for the cheapest price. A huge time saver and something we use weekly.


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