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What’s the best way to buy things from Amazon?

Amazon Smile

by Jack

While we obviously would love it if you supported our site by clicking on our Amazon affiliate links, the other great option is to make sure you are registered with Amazon Smile. By simply signing up on the website and using it to process all of your purchases going forward, Amazon will automatically donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the charity of your choosing.


Amazon takes a lot of flak in the media for many different practices, but one thing that remains a #hiddengem and which very few people still know about is this program. I’ve personally been using it for almost 5 years now to donate to one of my favorite charitable causes in the Philadelphia area: MANNA. There are over 1 million charities registered with Amazon Smile so there is a good chance your favorite one is on there. The shopping experience is identical and Amazon just recently added the option to use Smile from your mobile app as well.


Register immediately and change your Amazon bookmarks/app to direct to Smile every time you want to make a new purchase so 0.5% of it goes to your favorite cause. Oh, and, as always, be sure to sign up for our top pick for the best credit card to use for all Amazon purchases.